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    Red face Um Hello There Everyone

    Um hello *waves shyly*

    I usually am really shy about joining/posting on websites so I end up being a lurker. I figured it was about time I grow a pair and start meeting some like minded people and make a friend or two =) I appologise in advance if this isn't a good intro post, I'm not use to doing this. I crippleingly shy when i first meet people, but I'm really fun and talkitive once you get to know me so please don't give up on trying to get to know me I just a little bit more time.

    Art is a huge part of my life, I usually do digital art but recently I've been getting back into traditional art and painting. I also like to play the trumpet and ocarina however I'm way out of practive because my brother got a job at night so he slept during the day so I could't practice. I usually spend most of my time up in my room drawing and listening to music and reading. I love all types of music ( except country) some of my all time favorite bands would have to be Oasis, The Beatles, Train, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day. Of course there are many others but it would take to much time to list them all.

    One of my other hobbies is reading, I use to hate it because of my dyslexia but now once I start a book it's almost impossible to get me to put it down. I don't really have any favorite authers or genras but some of my favorite books are Invisable Monster, Fight Club, 1985, The Giver, and Brave New World. Before I moved to a smaller town I spent most of my time after school lurking around the public library or book store. However since my mom and I moved to Clarksville Indiana it's impossible to find a book store or decent library.

    I recently came out as FtM transgender and once I came to terms with that I also came to terms with being a TB and a DL. I'm farly new to the lifestyle so I'm sorry if I my noobishness is annoying to anyone.

    I'm also really into anime/manga. I love to cosplay and go to anime convintions, I reacently just got back from a con a few days ago. Though because I don't have a job I don't have the money to go to many conventions or buy fabric for cosplays. I usually draw in a mashup of anime/western comic style but I have been trying to break myself of that habbit and draw in realism. In adition to being into anime I also really like video games. I haven't played many because I can't afford to buy consoles and games very often so all I have is a GameCube, PS2, and a nintendo DS.

    Um I guess thats about it feel free to message me or aske me questions about anything, I don't get offended easily =) Also I'm dyslexic and my computer doesn't have spell check so I'm really really sorry about spelling mistakes if you need me to clear anything up because of a typo please let me know. Sorry if this was to short or not very good...

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    Hey, Welcome to the site! Hope you have a good time here, always glad to see another music lover. If you need any help, just leave me a visitor message.

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    Hi THM,

    Welcome to ADISC Congratulations on a really great intro! Sharing so much about you as a person will be a great step to making good friends!

    I'm sure you will fit right in here, loads of our members are into anime and gaming so you should find lots in common with them - have you been to the groups section yet? If not it can be found here: Groups - There are several anime and gaming groups you might be intrested in, they're a great place to meet some people who share similar interests with and to start making friends.

    YAY for another music fan - I really like The Beatles, Oasis and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, although I will admit I can't stand Greenday and don't know Train, but 3/5's not bad! I love to read as well and also really love Chuck Palahniuk, and Fight Club is definitely one of his best reads haven't read 1985, but I love love love 1984 (the book Antony Burgess wrote it as a tribute to), I haven't read much of Anthony Burgess's work aside from A Clockwork Orange.

    Anyway, welcome to the forums and I'm sure you'll fit right in here. Enjoy exploring the site, and I look forward to seeing more of you around

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    Hi & welcome THM.

    The only thing I can say is that you love the good music. I like green day, the red hot chili peppers and Oasis too. (But my favorite band is Offspring). I'm crazy about the sound of guitars, I'm french and I can say that music from France don't know anything about the "spirit of rock".

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    Welcome to ADISC! Your intro was very well done!

    I'm also very shy when first meeting people. I'm not very active on the forum right now in part due to my shyness. Like you, I'm trying to get past my shyness problem. Once I get to know people I'm pretty talkative, I just have a hard time finding my comfort zone.

    Your spelling is actually fairly good. There are a couple minor typos, but nothing to worry about. In longer posts it can often be difficult to not end up with the odd typo. I like to use Firefox since it has a built in spell check, I find that it helps a lot.

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