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    I would love to be able to go out in public in the UK, with my dummy in my mouth. Come on lets make it acceptable for a adult to have a dummy in their mouth in public and at work - anywhere.

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    I would for sure love that also. Probably not going to happen though =[.

    By the way, I don't think that this thread fits into the Diaper Talk Section. You might want to try the Adult Baby Section instead.

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    Sometimes i do go out in public with my dummy in my mouth, if I'm somewhere I don't really know people and it's not too busy. I try not to make it obvious and usually will try and cover my mouth with my jumper or a scarf. I always take my dummy on long bus and train journeys, and sometimes if I'm walking down an empty street and feeling a bit anxious I will pop it in. For the most part people don't even seem to notice. I would love to be able to do this in more places, but unfortunately I don't think dummies are ever going to become acceptable for everybody to use in public and I doubt we, as a very small community, would be able to change that. But I am now in a position where all of my friends know I use a dummy, and I always use it around them at their houses and parties etc. At first they probably thought it was a bit weird, but now it's just me being me and they're all okay with that. Maybe you could work on making it normal and acceptable for you to use a dummy around people, even if it's probably not ever going to be normal or acceptable for all adults.

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    You may also like to post an introduction in the relevant forum so we can get to know you. =)

    You should ideally do this before posting anywhere else.

    As for the topic, how do you think we can make it acceptable?

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    I did see one day the other month a daddy with his baby/child in a uk diy store. The baby/child was in the pushchair and daddy had the pacifier in his mouth, YES dady had the pacifier in his mouth. I would not have said daddy was cleaning the pacifier for the baby/child, becaus I watchedfor a good minute as daddy walked the hole lenth of the aile, turn and kept walking.

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    I do quite long journeys in my car at night for work and 2 weeks ago both me & Amy had our dummys in along the M1 which was quite funny. At the end of the day no one can see in as its pitch black

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    I get funny looks when I am driving my car and chewing on a rubber bone. I dread to think what reaction I would get if I was sucking on a dummy.

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    Teen's can definitely get away with it easier, as people would just assume it's some sort of trend. But adults on the other hand...

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    Just walked outside with mine on in a 3am fire alarm... Someone noticed it and I was like "Oh lol am I still wearing that?"

    Seriously fuck 3am fire alarms...

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    Well, this girl does it --- YouTube - 18 And Still Sucks A Dummy - Freak Like Me Episode 1 Preview - BBC Three

    But really, I understand what you mean. It is a lot more accepted than just wearing a diaper around town. Try it! Of course you'll get negative feedback and weird looks from time-to-time, but if it's really who you are don't be afraid.

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