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Thread: How old when you when you gave up your paci (as a child)

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    Default How old when you when you gave up your paci (as a child)

    I was at my parents house today, and was looking at some of my baby pictures. I saw some of me with a paci; it was white, and my mother said it was a glow in the dark paci. Now I want a glow in the dark one!

    I asked my mom how old I was before I was ready to give up my paci, and she told me 2.

    How old were you?

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    I never had one as a baby. My parents tried to give me one, but I refused it. By the time I was 5 I was already harbouring desires to go back to using baby paraphernalia, and begged my mum to buy me a dummy. She agreed and I was thrilled, I remember sucking on it in the car the whole way home. I kept it until I was about 6, when it mysteriously 'disappeared' (aka my parents decided I was too old for it and threw it away!). I remember spending hours looking for it, I missed it to much and always longed to have one again. When I was about 8 I found one a baby had dropped on the floor of Toys R Us - I pocketed it and took it home and washed it with toothpaste (in my childish mind toothpaste = mouth soap) and was able to start sleeping with one again. After that I found a few more on the ground (gross, but I was a kid so didn't care!) until I was able to buy my own aged 10. I've regularly used one ever since

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    i didn't have a paci, i had a thumb, and i still haven't given it up

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    I don't think I used one as a child. I don't know for sure and would find it too awkward to ask my mom. (She kind of knows I have a pacifier, although she doesn't know about the rest of my *B/DL side). It's ironic, though, as it is my favorite *B/DL item now and I use one every night

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    8 years old, I actually still remember my mother throwing them away "for my own good"

    TBH it was probably for the best coz they were really mucking up my teeth, and now my teeth are all fine, so I can now go back to using one, when I get a proper Nuk 5 or something of similar size

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    I was a little adult, so I'm sure I was quite young.

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    About 4. Just before Kindergarten. I HAD to have one to get to sleep, but when we would go to the beach as a family on weekends I kept throwing them into the ocean. After about a few dozen times of this my mom finally just said enough and stopped buying new ones.

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    I refused to give mine up. When I was 4 my mom decided I was too old for it and took it away while I was sleeping. She told me that it got old and broke and that I was too old to have one anyways. Well I suppose I got the last laugh on that situation *eyes NUK5 on desk* .

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    I don't think I'v ever had one until now, from what I remember of my baby pictures (that I can't find now... hmm...). I remember seeing pictures of me sucking my thumb and that was about it. I guess because my parents didn't want to pay for braces...

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