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Thread: Favorite Things to do in a diaper when you are home alone

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    Default Favorite Things to do in a diaper when you are home alone

    The one thing i miss this year is not having a day to myself where i dont have to worry bout someone texting me . During the summer I was able to spend a whole day (When i wasn't busy doing a job) sitting on the couch with my shirt and diaper watching either the sci-fi channel or boomerang with my pup laying on the covers.. Now it seems i don't get to do that. So whats your favorite thing to do in a diaper when you are home alone. (know some are not in school anymore and if so just whats fun to do when you get to have a day to yourself :p)

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    hangout in sweats, and watch tv or nap or read, or go on comp in a diaper or pull up

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    That's easy. After all it's what they are made for.... I wet and sometimes mess. I like to wet until it's so full it leaks into my pants or is ready to fall off.

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    When I had my hands on diapers, I loved to just walk around the house with nothing but a diaper on like I was in normal underwear. And of course, wet and mess it lol.

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    I like to do my exercise when i'm at home over going to the gym, mostly just yoga or watch tv and run on the treadmill

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    I enjoy relaxing in a lounge chair , beer in hand , watching football, clad only in a diaper and plastic panties and using the diapers for the whole day.......

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    Watching movies/tv shows on dvd or playing video games in a diaper and footie pjs is the best!

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    Sarcastic response: scare the neighbors.

    Real response: play video games and watch movies.

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    Covering myself with a blanket, hugging a pillow, sipping a cup of hot tea, and sitting in front of the telly playing on the XBox.

    To me, that's an enjoyable way to spend a winter evening, with or without the padding. Although padding makes it better. Less of a need to run to the restroom in the middle of an epic boss fight. Heh.

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    I like to go on a bit of a nostalgic trip with a little regression, so recently I've been watching all the episodes of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Old school Nickelodeon shows are fun to watch as well. I pop my NUK5 in my mouth, grab a plushie, and relax.

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