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Thread: does anybody else enjoy a good rum

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    Default does anybody else enjoy a good rum

    I love a good rum, i don't often find people who also like it.

    come on all you rum drinkers what is your favourite/s and how do you enjoy it?

    My favourites are Pussers with lime juice demera sugar and soda or mount gay extra old neat with no ice.

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    Cheap Prestige Brand Rum (80 proof) with strawberry or cherry coke....

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    Ooooh rum! We've got some fancy rums at the club I work in, but no one seems to drink them that often. If I have a rum it's normally just generic cheap stuff, or Morgan's Spiced, with coke

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    I've had many kinds of rum so my taste tends to mirror my beer snob qualities but my favorite comes in at a tie with ...


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    Ahh mine is Cabana Bay Rum ill take it straight on the rocks mixed with coke or redbull. I normaly get cherry just for mixing purposes but I do occasionaly get regular to enjoy by itself

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    So far I've only tried Malibu coconut rum and I assume that's pretty weak compared to other rums/spirits/hard liquor. I mainly mixed it with coke or dr.pepper but I always find the rum settles on top or at the very bottom, and I don't think I could use a shaker for it unless it's a supersized one due to the carbonation in the soda. So it's always been up to how fast I can stir it in.

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    You're my new best friend.

    Some people like Scotch, some people like Whiskey, I like Rum. There's a restaurant/rum bar I adore with locations in a few cities. A year or so ago, I told the waiter that I love rum but have precious little experience with it. He recommended I try one called Pampero Aniversero (google it). OMG, it's the best liquor I've ever had in my mouth.

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    Lately I've been more of a scotch drinker, but my all time favorite rum is Sailor Jerry.

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    I enjoy rum, but haven't explored it as extensively as I should've. Spiced rum and coconut rums are among my favorite varieties. That's as far as I know, which I officially think is a shame now.

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