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    Default Hello, I'm Ookami

    Hello. I'm new on this website.

    I'm french and I hope my english is still good.

    To introduce myself, this is my story:

    I began pooping my pants when I was 6 years old because I moved to an other school where the restrooms were very disgusting (In France it's a well known problem). In the begining I found it horrible, specialy because my parents obliged me to wash my messy accidents. But this accidents didn't stop and one year later I finished to do not care at all washing my pants.
    When I grew up, I started enjoying it and I wanted more than anything to try to wear diapers.

    Because it was impossible for me to hide some diapers at home with all my family around, my only choice was to wait, and I took my chances when I went to college in order to study logistics in some kind of "bachelors degree". I was all alone in my student's room, really the greatest years of my life.

    And now I live an average life, with the girl I met at university (who is not aware of my interst in diapers), with a big bernese moutain dog and a guinea pig. And of course with my diapers.

    What I like:
    -Watching TV (I'm fond of NCIS and Castle)
    -Reading (Stephen King is my favorite writer)
    -Playing Badminton (I've been practicing Badminton since I can walk)
    -Walking my dog
    -Playing with my samuraļ sword. (It's a real one)

    What I dislike:
    -Cutting myself with my katana. (It happened twice.)

    My motto:
    "Better try to use all my inteligence to do something stupid, than to try to do someting inteligent with my stupidity."

    If my english is bad, don't hesitate to tell me. I'm no more a student but I'm still learning.

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    No more messy problems for me, because I don't need to hold myself for a long long time.

    I think the messy problem started because the school's restrooms were very dirty and I was too young to hold for hours. But the reason why the problem stayed, it's not because of a weakness in my body but because my parents punished me. I mean, when you impose rules to a teenager, he will do the opposite. They told me to keep my pants clean, my brain told me the contrary.

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    You don't like cats?

    Oh dear. You might want to rethink that statement, or I don't think we're going to get on very well here at all...

    Hehe. But anyway, on a more serious note (not that I'm not being serious about the cats - how can anybody not like cats??) welcome to ADISC Your English is really good (in fact it often seems the people with English as a second language write it better than those of us for whom it's our native language!) and certainly better than my French.

    Your dog sounds lovely, I really like Bernese Mountain Dogs They are so big though! Does s/he have a lot of energy? And a guinea pig - yay! Guinea pigs are so funny. At the moment the only pet I have is my cat (don't even think about saying whatever you're thinking right now! I promise she is lovely.) but in the future I want to have lots of rabbits and guinea pigs running about my garden.

    Anyway, welcome to the forums and I look forward to seeing you around

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    Oh, Bermese Mountain Dogs are my favourite too! When I get a puppy in a year (and 9 months) I want it to be one of them!!

    Welcome to the forums Ookami! How did you come up with that name?

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    -To babyjess: in fact I don't hate cats so much. I just suffer from a very powerfull allergy because of them, so I hate cats like Superman hates the kryptonite. But I agree that cats can be lovely animals.

    - To Talula: I'm fond of japan and I'm fond of wolves. And in japanese, "Ookami" means wolf.

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