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Thread: Baseball fans here?

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    Default Baseball fans here?

    I was just wondering if there were other fans of baseball here? I was just wondering if I was not the only die-hard fan of America's past-time.


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    I like to watch professional baseball... Do you have a favorite team?

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    All I can say is GO CUBS GO!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a life long Baseball fan along as a Cubs fan too!

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    New York Mets FTW


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    Go Red Sox

    Yay 200th Post.

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    I actually love baseball! ^_^

    Coming from a place where it really isn't established, it's surprising that it's the only sport that I really enjoy watching.

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    Sports isn't really my thing but I have an instinct to root for my home team, so GO CUBS. but most of all since I came from around Boston, GO RED SOX!!

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    Football never interested me when I was growing up in Baltimore, even though the Colts were a winning team with Johnny Unitas. Baseball, on the other hand, was more enjoyable for me to watch. A school friend and I used to occasionally go over to the old Memorial Stadium and catch a night Orioles game. I still remember one game when the O's were down 4-1. It was about the 6th inning when.....BAM, BAM, BAM.....three successive home runs were hit by Brooks Robinson, Boug Powell, and Frank Robinson! The O's managed to scratch one more run on some hits and went on to win the game 5-4. Sometimes I'd catch myself getting too wrapped up in Baseball and getting all upset and mad when it semed the team were beating their own selves by making bad plays. After moving away from the Balto. metro area I've gotten away from sports almost altogether. Though of the major league sports, baseball will always be my favorite.


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    I'm with Baby Lily on this one. Baseball isn't my thing, but I will show support for my home team.

    Go Astros!
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    Footed P.J.


    I generally just watch Major League Soccer. Colorado Rapids fan. But baseball is the American sport I am most tolerant of, and I do actually like watching my hometown Padres. I like their stadium!

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