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    Thumbs up Target Union Suits

    I was at my local Target today just browsing/ Christmas shopping. I walked through the sleepwear section, and spotted what Target is calling a Union suit. It is basically a 1 piece sleeper without feet. They came in red with white dots, grey and pink stripes (the one I wanted), and blue with snowflakes.

    I wanted the grey and pink one, but they only had an x-small and xl, neither of which I can wear. So I bought the red one in a medium, so I could fit padding.

    These are in adult sizes, so for those who can't fit the kids sleepers, these may be a nice alternative. I paid $20 for the sleeper.

    Here is the link on Targets website
    Target : Product Detail.
    Here is a link to what I got.

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    Hi Powderhair - I also found something out about Target. Their black friday sales got leaked. It says about sleepwear being 50% off

    btw I got the penguin footie they are VERY warm!! *an so cute to!*

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    Cool! I plan to be at the closest Target to me next weekend, super early when they open.

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    Who do you think leaked the info on the black friday sale at Target.

    The CEO of Target
    Great marketing plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mavvy View Post
    But the feet are the best part. :P
    While I do enjoy a footed sleeper as much as the next ab. I like these because they are Cotton, sometimes I don't like how fleece feels (I'm weird).

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