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Thread: Getting materials to sew my own AIO cloth diapers

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    Default Getting materials to sew my own AIO cloth diapers

    I've been looking to make my own All-in-One cloth diapers and was wondering if it were possible to buy appropriate materials from local stores (like Wal-mart or other stores where I can buy fabric and such) and if so which materials will have the best results, in respects to price and usage.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    best place to get all the materials you would need would be at a fabric store like Jo-Ann's. Some stores like Wal-mart will have fabric but not a very wide selection and a lot of Wal-marts have discontinued their fabric sections due to lack of interest. I would try a Wal-mart first if it is convenient however finding a fabric store that specializes in creating hand made objects and clothing would be your best bet and the people at the fabric store could probably help you picking out the correct materials to make a diaper cause they have probably experienced it before where as some punk kid working the fabric section at Wal-mart isnt even gunna give a damn about your project :P

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    JoAnns is probably your best bet for fabrics. For the liner, I recommend microfleece. The cover can be pretty much any water-repellant fabric. The only part I can't advise on is the absorbent material, since I don't know where you might find it. You might take a look at Adult Diapers Snap-EZ 4 Life to get some hints on construction. I've seen how-tos on the internet as well.

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    Yeah, first go on to Jo Anne's website and sign up for the weekly newsletter ad thingy. Then every week to two you will get a 50% off coupon for any one item. Every week to two if you go by Jo Anne's, start stocking up on high quality PUL (polyurathane lamanet...however you spell that). PUL is a fabric which is waterproof on one side and super soft on the other. It is the only fabric to consider imo to make homemade diapers since you won't need a diaper cover in addition to the diaper.

    And also use those coupons to buy nice microfleece from Jo Anne's. You will want 1/2inch to 1inch swimsuit elastic and it is sadly at JoAnne's too. (I am still stocking up on things from there to make some cloth diapers myself)

    Get nylon thread at Walmart, and if you like, Walmart also sells good flannel and some other insert materals. You have to have nylon thread, or your diapers will all leak along the stiches.

    I have about a 400 dollar White sewing machine, and it works great. You can probably get one as cheap as 250 new that will make diapers ok. You will want an ok one though or you will have a heck of a time. So it is best to get a machine used and then buy it a heavy duty needle (if you have done any sewing, it is more dangerous to you and to your machine should you mess up badly since it won't break easly) if you are on a budget. Otherwise get one new and go to the store and talk to fabric people and just lie and say you want to make diapers and some clothes for your kid. They will be helpful.

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    Thanks for the quick replies everyone, really helpful. I'll look into finding something close buy too buy fabrics. I've honestly never heard of Jo Anne's until this thread, so unless I've missed it than I'll probably have to find somewhere else.

    Luckily I have a sewing machine handy so I don't need to shell out all the cash for a new one. It's pretty old but I'll assume it will do the trick, at least for now.

    So PUL for the outer layer, Microfleece for the liner. Is there anything specific to use for good soaker material?

    Again, thanks for the help.

    I just realized that Jo Anne's is an American store, thus proving why I have never seen one. Does anyone know of an equivalent store found in Canada?
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    The best nappies are made from terry towelling - silky soft and very absorbent; but not sure if in the US or Canada you will know about terry towelling.

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    Denver fadrics has a web site but in there store they have a diaper rack that has the patterns they have the water proof cover by the yard and terry stuff .You could google them to get there number.

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    It's becoming more and more apparent as I begin searching for local fabric stores that PUL isn't something readily found in-store. Is there a good secondary material I can use if I cannot find it? I would prefer not having to buy online at this point, but I guess that is always an option if I have no other choice.

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    Kind of sounds like a fascinating idea - lots of work though. Where could one find a pattern/plan? It seems like it would be a ton of trial an error without one - but then again I'm not any kind of designer or tailor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cm90210 View Post
    Kind of sounds like a fascinating idea - lots of work though. Where could one find a pattern/plan? It seems like it would be a ton of trial an error without one - but then again I'm not any kind of designer or tailor.
    I agree with you completely, I don't know how I stumbled upon the idea but when I did I was very intrigued. Even though I've never been one to sew... and probably never will be, I still want to try this out. I figure my first attempt will probably be a huge mess, but the second or third hopefully will work out lol.

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