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Thread: Target to have $3 Appliances on Black Friday - 4GB Xbox 360 for $200

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    Default Target to have $3 Appliances on Black Friday - 4GB Xbox 360 for $200

    Thought some ppl might wanna know

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    Must get my hands on more sleepers! 50% off! I wonder how fast they would sell?...

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    yucky black fridays are awful crowded crazyness, not to mention you have to get up at like 4 AM and stand in line yucky I go to bed at 4 AM not wake up at it

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    Yeah, shopping on Black Friday sucks. I hate crowds anyway. That, and I'd probably end up getting caught in a stampede for a $3 DVD player and shooting my way out.

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    ^+1. Although if the TV they are having for $298 is good, I'm picking two of them up. Last year, my uncle went to Black friday and bought two plasma TVs and a whole bunch of other expensive crap. I wish I can do the same.

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