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Thread: Ebay...SCAMS?

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    Default Ebay...SCAMS?

    Well abut a week ago I sold Call of duty 4 to someone on ebay. This Monday I get a message from him saying that I sent him a case with no game. He wantted me t refund his money, but after I refused he said keep the money. This morning when I turned on my computer a Trojan launch. It was to late. So I have n of my friends that is a computer tech do some digging. It turns out that the Trojan came from the same IP a the message from the buyer. I am still trying to get though to ebay on there live help. And I also got stuck with -1 rep on ebay.

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    some people are just you know whats. The best thing you can do is remove the Trojan and let it be. What will ebay be able to do anyways? Do you got proof that you did in fact ship the game in the case otherwise it will be your words against his.

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    The trojan has wiped my system and hide my HDD, so the computer is useless. I am seeking the help of HiWired Direct | Home to fix it.
    I do indeed have proof I shipped it. The lady at the post office saw me check to see if the game was in the case and it was. She is will to testify if I have to take this to court. I sent ebay a message saying if they just remove the feedback I will leave it at that but if not. I will take it to the next leavle. I will take them to court.

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    How exactly did you get the buyer's IP address? That's not information that eBay typically provides to you.

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    Not much you can do. I don't know where you live. But going to court for >$50 bucks is a waste of time.

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    I am also wondering how you got the buyers IP address. But really you pretty much had to download the trojan. If he did send you the trojan then why didn't he just mod his xbox or ps3 and burn the game from a ISO or whatever "hackers" uses these days.

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    I think you guys are misunderstanding him

    He sold the game, and the buyer is complaining that the game is not in the box.

    You'd pay more in court fees to take him to court for neg feedback on ebay and a computer, dude, it's not worth it.

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    Actually, he can take the guy to Small Claims Court and it doesn't cost anything. You represent yourself, so you don't have to pay lawyer's fees. My parent's had to take someone to Small Claims Court a couple of years ago.

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    There are a lot of e-bay scams and viruses going around lately. Always check the full return path on e-mails that look like they may come from e-bay or paypal to see if they are legit or not.

    We had someone not long ago try and pull the same stunt on us.

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    What firewalls did you even have? If you get email from someone, make sure there aren't any attachments (unless you really know the person)...When I read the title of this thread, I thought it was going to be about like you buying something and getting a fake of the thing, rather than someone saying you sold them a game with no case...But that sucks either way

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