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    Default Halp!!!

    Hewwo everyone!

    Big bro went away for a few days, so I gotted online!

    I tried to log into here, to see if anyone askeded anymore questions in my ask a bear topic, but I made a mistake!! I was on this weird blue screen! I think I accimadentally hacked big bro's account!! now I don't know how to fixes it!!!!

    Help! I don't have any intellimagent glasses here either! Big bro comes back in 3 days!! and i don't wanna click on anything on that blue screens again, because I thought I coulds log in as me but it hacked his username!!

    What do I do??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humphrey View Post

    What do I do??
    You just sit still in the middle of the room and wait for hugs. I'm sure by the time everyone has finished hugging you, your big bro will be back!

    See, let me be the first *picks up Humph and squeezes him tightly*


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    But what if I gets into trouble from big bro? I didn't mean to break the internets!!

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