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    Default Atlanta Diaper Lover

    Just another gay guy in Hotlanta that loves diapers, though I wonder how many of us are really out there......

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    Hi atldprboy,

    Welcome to ADISC

    First,just to let you know ADISC is not a meet-up/dating site and as such members are discouraged from posting their location or posting introductions which suggest they are looking to meet other diaper-lovers/adult babies in their area. This website caters to minors (aged 13+) and if a minor were to meet up with an adult through this website in addition to jeopardising the safety of that minor ADISC could be shut down for creating a place which allows adults to meet minors. I know you haven't said anywhere in your post you want to meet minors, or in fact even other people in your area, but just a word of warning that intros that disclose nothing but location aren't really encouraged here as they could be seen as 'looking to meet' threads.

    The kind of introductions we do really like to see, on the other hand, are ones which tell us all about the person writing them, and what kind of stuff they're interested in (besides diapers, of course). Stuff like hobbies, interests, passions, favourite past times etc. So, if you'd be happy to share a little bit more about yourself then that would be great! One of our top contributors, Spddan has made a really handy 'cheat sheet' which gives you an easy guide to making the perfect introduction, which you can find here:

    Look forward to hearing more from you

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    There's no one in Hotlanta...everyone got fried to death

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