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    Default A fresh start

    Not so much an introduction as it is a reintroduction.

    I'm Colfpup, a 24 yo babyfur from the UK. I've been a *b since I was around 14. I used to be a bed wetter when I was younger, up until age 7. I turned to diapers for comfort and the REAL me after a rather bad incident I've since gotten over, however my love for expressing "little me" has never gone away.

    More recently I've been diagnosed with IBD (irritable bowel disorder) which has affected my continence somewhat but as a long time Teen Baby (now Adult Baby)it really hasnt affected me.

    I've been a furry for the past 3 years and found my way into it through a friend on foxtailtimes where I decided to merge the two and be a babyfur.

    I've since found a boyfriend who not only accepts me for all of this but who actively encourages me to explore both furry and my little self to the fullest that I'm able. I'm often bouncing between jobs as I really don't like to be stuck in one place too long, love anime, am a bit of a joker and generally try to be as friendly and helpful as I hope others will be to me.

    I'm currently still living with my parents due to my financial circumstances and feel that, while I'm no longer a Teen Baby I may also be able to give insight into problems we all face around that age as I'm still caught up in some of those dilemmas myself.

    I do have a small interest in sissy stuff but it's not a major avenue of exploration for me at this time.

    Now that's all said and done I'm looking forward to being more active here and giving as much help and advice as I can

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    wonderful reintroduction allthough I dont have your first introduction to compare it to, but I thought this was great

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    ahem, sorry. And rewelcome I guess? :P

    *Huggles Colfpup*
    Oh, and see to your boyfriend.... he's smelly.

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    Thanks Toddy, its here in the archives somewhere, probably buried deep in the "no one ever reads these ones now" section.

    Loopy: not as bad as you :P also thanks for the rewelcome

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    Hi, ' new ' Colfpup. Welcome to ADISC. I am sure you will enjoy being here. What are some of your interests besides diapers ? O.K., I am done being silly, for a minute, at least. I really don't think you need to make a concerted effort to be a ' new and improved ' Colfpup, I liked the ' old ' Colfpup just fine. I have always found you to be a likeable person, and helpful to others, when you could. I think what has happened, is that you have just matured and grown a little bit more as an individual, and that's always a good thing. Anyway, I am glad that you have worked things out with your boyfriend, and that you have decided to stay around here. Take care.

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