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    i rode my bike 4 blocks away to the local shoppers drug mart went inside walked around for a bit grabed a bottle of pop and walked around more for about 20 minutes went down a few ilse witch took about 10 minutes i was waiting for the people to leave there were alot of people in there i didnt want anyone seeing me buy diapers so i was in the diaper ilse and a lady that works there came and acted me if i needed help because they must have thought i was going to steel something but i said no im just looking and then a few minutes later i asked the woman i said are these the only sizes of depends i just cant remeber witch size to get so i said ohh here it is i picked them up asked her if i could pay at the back counter she said yes rang in my pop and the depends then i put it in my back back went home and put one on.

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    The main thing to remember, is to act like nothing is wrong. Because it isn't.

    I'm glad your shopping trip met with success.

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    Try to go on a low-activity day, preferably in the morning on the weekend, or on a weekday during business hours.

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    I did my last diaper run on a week day hardly anyone is around

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    you want to get diapers when no one is at the stores, so like at 10 or 11 in the monring during the weekdays when most people are at work. or very late at night, which is what i try to do.

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    Congrats but here's some advice for next time:

    If you hang around the store for a while, it increases the likelihood of you chickening out. For a lot of people, spending time in the store and not buying the diapers will cause their fear to get the better of them and make them leave empty-handed. It's best to go in, find the diapers you want, buy them and leave. If you're worried about the number people in the store, try going right when the store opens, right before it closes, or at any hour where the store isn't likely to be very busy. At any rate, just remember that no one in the store knows you or cares about you so it really doesn't matter if they see you buying diapers; the people in the store care as much about your purchases as you do about theirs.

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