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Thread: Sayaki arrives!

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    Default Sayaki arrives!

    Hello everyone, my (nick)name is, obviously, Sayaki (an alteration of Sayaka, a heroine from the manga "Yaiba"), I'm an Adult Baby and Diaper Lover - Adult Baby because like most of the people, I like the thought of acting like I'm a younger self... The imagination of not having any duties, to feel the joy of playing freely like a toddler would. My love for diapers, on the other hand, was present for my whole life - I don't know what the cause was.

    As my name also suggests, I like to read mangas and watch animes (or animation in general) when I have time for it and I really like to read, draw and play tennis.

    I would also like to mention again that my English isn't the best sometimes... so please correct me if you find any mistakes in my posts. ^^'

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    Your English is much better than my German, and I studied it for 9 years!! :O

    What sort of tennis do you play? Grass/clay? Singles/doubles?

    Welcome to ADISC

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