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Thread: How Did it Start?

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    Default How Did it Start?


    Just out of curiosity how did you get the love for diapers?

    Me? Well one day i just looked up diapers on the internet and started to get an interest in them.


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    I tell people that I don't really know but that it started at a very early age or at least I can remember instances at a very early age (3-4) but I don't think it became a cohesive desire until around age ten as a result of an innocent conversation with a friend of mine. However, the real story is more involved and somewhat sinister and now for the first time I'll reveal something of it.

    In 2029, I will be working for a small company attempting to find commercial uses for time travel. While time travel itself had been accomplished in 2017 as an unintended result of the study of really bad parties (time behaves strangely at parties) and perfected several years later, business had failed to find a viable commercial use for it, much like video telephones. Through intensive use of focus groups, it was determined that nearly everyone would pay for a time travel service that would eliminate or modify undesirable sexual fetishes or other early ingrained behavior. Our company held exclusive patents on mind ray technology but the effects were limited on adults and had been deemed illegal to use on minors due to lack of informed consent. The marriage of time travel with this device enabled an adult to give consent for his own treatment in the past but we required proof of concept. A number of paid volunteers were required to confirm the effects. The test groups were unaware of what, if any effects would be instilled and would not be notified until 2010, when going in for a routine car oil change. According to the data provided, I used to have a thing for used tissues but now through the efforts of UnPerv, Ltd I have a sexy and desirable diaper fetish and I'll be able to claim my back pay in a scant nineteen years!
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    Rugrats. 'Nuff said.

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    I grew up too fast, so I long to be younger.

    That's it in a nutshell, though I can go on and on about other possibilities.

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    When I was in elementary school I was always interested in wetting accidents, but never really pursued this actively. When I was about 12 a Google search for "unpotty training," wanting to humiliate some one not sure why don't ask, lead me to sites like You Know Who's. I read some stuff and I liked it.

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    I remember wanting to wear diapers since I was 6 or 7...pretty much as long as I can remember.

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    For me - its not something I can cogently describe. It wasn't a choice I know (but I really can't think of any preference that was an abject choice).
    I remember wanting to be in diapers back at the age of 9 or 10 when my siblings were growing up and being diapered each night for bed-wetting (I never wet, so I never got diapers; didn't think of doing it on purpose myself at the time). Before that I had an experience at a friends house in which I was offered a diaper for bed and took it...

    The first time it became really clear to me that I wanted diapers was when I was visiting my father's house; I was up late browsing on the internet and saw some ABDL websites - this was back in the late 90's so I imagine it may have been DPF or something like that. Anyways it amazed me that there were other people like me out there and then I was off to the races. I bought my first pack of secret diapers shortly after that.

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    How did it start? Well it was like 6-7 years ago when my interests first blossomed. I remember I went online as I thought people wearing diapers was so funny and I wanted to see pictures of people wearing them. I typed in something like "12 year olds wearing diapers" in the Google Images search query box. From that point on I was fixated by diapers. After a few months of this I started becoming interested in being babied too. That is when I found the (now infamous) Deeker site, where I read many stories by that pedophile.... I eventually moved on from Deeker and ended up at this site, which I have found to have the most intelligent and clear-headed conversation of any AB/DL community site.

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    I have ALWAYS had an interest in diapers as far as I know. I had a fairly troublesome early childhood, including an epic divorce and custody fight. Before I was 4 , my dad remarried fairly quickly and I instantly had two step siblings (I was youngest). I wet the bed fairly regularly, but I don't think I was diapered for that. I stumbled across a crib in our upstairs storage that had a drawer FULL of pampers, and something clicked. I still remember the excitement I felt when I sat down on a COLD tile floor and put my first one on! It's been a part of me at some level ever since.

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