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    I was wondering if anyone ever thought about joing the navy or marines. I hope to go to Maryland naval academy and i can get an easy life after military. I have a teach that knows all bout it and he told me,confirmed on offical naval sites, that after i graduate u choose either marines or navy. Then u are a 2nd Lt. in,say my path, marinesand by the time i am 42 yrs old i can be a Major in the marines and retire and make $72,000 a year for nothing. but however i would try to obe at least a Colonel for personal reasons and i also would love to be a General. I will probably retire though at Lt. Col. so i can go on and be a NCIS Special Agent, Field Agent division. Srry for all ranting but i am in a mood of daze and tired.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I had seriously considered joining the Navy when I graduated college. Sadly, they looked at my medical record and basically said "No way in Hell".

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    Okay, just a few things we need to clear up here. Living as close to Maryland as I do, I think I'd know if Maryland had it's own naval academy. It does not. The United State Naval Academy does happen to be located in Annapolis, MD, though. Yes, it's an important point. It's also extremely hard to get in. If you are a junior in high school, you can forget about it, you're too late. Getting into the academy requires Congressional appointment.
    Secondly, the way a the High-3 retirement system works is you get paid 50% of the average of your highest 3 years of base pay, assuming you stay in for 20 years (it goes up to 75% incrementally for 30 years). Since Majors don't make $144,000/year in base pay, you won't be getting $72,000 for doing nothing.

    Now, don't let this discourage you from pursuing a career in the Marine Corps. If you aren't yet in university, you can apply for the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program, which will see you commissioned as an O-1 in the reserves, and immediately called to active duty. Or, after graduating from university, you can apply to Officer Candidate School, which will also net you a reserve commission. And of course, you can always enlist.

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    I thought about joining the Marines for a while, but medical reasons kinda kept that dream just a dream.

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    I wish you the best of luck and safety in your chosen career path. Being in the military is deserving of the utmost gratitude and respect. Many of my family members and friends have served in the military (Marines and Navy) and I am so proud of them. It is so honorable and brave. You can set yourself up for a very bright, well-managed future as well. I hope you succeed!

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    i was zonked and it was in annapolis and 72k was a typo and i meant 52k. and to Chiharu, i idolize that man and he is the reason i want to be a marine and NCIS agent!! Btw to all i typed this not even half awake and i make lots errors during that time.

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    I can tell ya for sure dcviper is right. My brother went to the US Naval Academy, and it took him pretty much all of high school to be prepared, you have to get a letter of recommendation from your senator or HoR member (or the president, if you have any veteran parents) to get in, and admissions are VERY competitive, since they essentially pay you to go to college.

    Additionally, the school itself is very tough, you pretty much do basic training AND do a full load of university classes. A lot of people already hate being in the military by the time they graduate, let alone the four year commitment they signed up for by going to the academy. Going to the academy (and the military, for that matter) for the pay and benefits is not the best reason to join. I have the utmost respect for the Marines and Navy, as almost all of my male relatives are in one of the two services, but it's definitely not for everyone.

    As for if I ever wished I'd joined? "Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier." -Samuel Johnson. I think that's how most feel who aren't in, but I'm glad I didn't join because I do like what I do. I am appreciative of what soldiers, sailors and pilots do for us however.

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    If you're a decent student, go to a major university and join the ROTC program. You can get a really nice scholarship and have the option of commissioning when you get your degree. I know most schools have (army) ROTC, but NROTC might be something to check in to.

    Alternatively, you can still go to college, graduate, and apply for a commission right from there. I know the Marine Corps recruits heavily from colleges for their officer corps. Mind you, though, its quite hard to be selected for marine OCS, and even harder to pass it. Consider Army OCS, easier to get in and easier to pass. Although the Army has problems unique to it.

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    I am kinda torn. The whole US military view that trans people are a waste of space and deserve to die and should have no part in protecting this country is kinda a thorn in my side. And while I could be a very useful tech for them, and I could use their money, they are too bigoted to consider me.

    So I would join the military of almost any country in the european union, only because they consider me a life form and would put me to use. The USA has a long way to go before we understand that every citizen should have the right to defend their country.

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