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Thread: Hello - New/Old - from CJ

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    Default Hello - New/Old - from CJ

    I was a member before - but haven't been around for a long time. Its been good to join in the discussion again.
    Just started a new blog at:

    Take a look and let me know what you think!

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    Welcome back to the site! I rejoined after being gone for a long time, too. It sure is good to be back I checked out your site and bookmarked it to read through, thanks!

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    cm90210! When were you a member of the site? Back in the tbdl days? Or since it changed to ADISC? All your posts have been made within the past day so I hope you've not made a double account here?

    Now, since you've been here you'll know that we expect more than that in an introdiction thread. Check you spddans cheat sheet for some inspiration!

    Welcome to ADISC, looking forward to hearing more from you soon

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    I think I was a member in the past - unsure of the old user name If I had one - at the very least I read on the forum...
    Apologies if it is an unforgivable sin to start again.

    I am in my 20's and have been into diapers for just about as long as I can remember. It has been a love/hate relationship for most of my life and I have now come to a place where I'm able to embrace it a bit more (as is my spouse) - so I guess this coming back is stepping into a community of folks similar to me who maybe are at peace with themselves. I am more or less a Diaper Lover; not into baby stuff although haven't experimented with it much. My spouse and I use diapers in our sex life and I wear them on the side from time to time as well. Its something that helps me relax in stressful times and it is great fun in bed. I'm a follower of Jesus which has complicated this fixation for me as guilt/shame is a popular form of motivation in the Christian community.

    I'm not going to relive my life story here; check out my blog if you'd like the longer version.

    In terms of being a part of the site; I like to read other's experiences - I like to hear about new products - and I like to hear tips and ideas.
    I also have a hope of encouraging someone like me who has a lot of guilt nonsense going on in their life regarding diapers - the peace I feel is bliss; I'd like to share it.
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    It's not a sin to start again at all, it's just good to know. In some cases people make double accounts and will be automatically banned for that, since it's agains our rules, but you should be ok if you're still around

    Why don't you tell us some of your non-DL interests?

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    Welcome back. All I can say, is that from looking at your blog that you seem like a valuable and helpful member, and we need a few of those here at ADISC. Your blog is very helpful. I especially liked the one about sleeping with diapers at night!

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    Talula - I am very active as the leader of a Christian ministry for High School kids; it consumes my life in a good way (for the most part). I would say that compassion and service forms the basis for the majority of what I do day-to-day. On the side, I love technology ( and are blogs I read daily); I enjoy American and British folk music (Nizlopi from the UK is very high on my list; and artists like Brett Dennan, Joe Purdy, Joshua James, and Noah Gunderson are some of the others I'm into at the moment), I actually play upright bass & mandolin - albeit not at a professional level or anything; I really love sports - particularly American football; but I have a growing appreciation for 'futbol' as well and actually attended a few "sounders" games here in the NW this past season. So yeah - life is Good.

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    Hi cm90210, Welcome (back) to ADISC

    Quote Originally Posted by cm90210 View Post
    I enjoy American and British folk music (Nizlopi from the UK is very high on my list; and artists like Brett Dennan, Joe Purdy, Joshua James, and Noah Gunderson are some of the others I'm into at the moment),
    I just discovered Brett Dennan a couple of weeks ago - I was in a local shop and they were playing one of his albums and I liked it so much I had to go and ask them who it was. I have really enjoyed listening to him since, he has such an interesting voice The only song I know by Nizlopi is 'JCB' and I haven't heard of the other artists you mentioned, but I have been getting quite into folk recently (I cannot get enough of Tom Mcrae at the moment, if you know him) so I shall probably add them to my list of artists I should listen to

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    Nizlopi and the JCB song

    And we're holdin up the bypass... woah... me and my dad havin a top laugh... oh-woah

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    Depending on the specific speed and style of folk music you're talking about, let me recommend two artists. First, the weird one: Steve Martin. He's put out two albums of his banjo music, "The Steve Martin Brothers" and "The Crow," and for me it's fascinating to hear how some of the songs he re-recorded 25 years later have changed. He's a very good banjo player in a more melodic, rhythmic sense than many of his contemporaries. I never thought I'd be recommending him as a musician, but I'm really fascinated by him.

    Second, the master guitarist Leo Kottke. Check out "6 and 12 String Guitar." It will redefine what a guitarist is for you.

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