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Thread: Diapers in Public

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    I want to wear diapers in public. Im not worried about anybody noticing. How many should I wear at once to produce a small bulk?

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    Butterfly Mage


    Uh... One. Diapers are designed to be worn one at a time. If you want a more obvious look, the best bet is to go for a thicker diaper.

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    Kind of an... odd thread, but I'll reply anyways.

    It depends on what type you're wearing. Your other thread mentioned that you were going to buy store-brand. Well, I've worn a Depends pullup under a Walgreens brand diaper (I know, I need to get better diapers, but my male betta grew an inch and I had to get him a bigger tank.) and it was pretty noticeable under thin pajama pants.

    Though, I must warn you of one thing. You may think that you don't care about people noticing, but once you get out there in public actually wearing, you'll feel like all eyes are on your ass.

    And another question... Do you want people to notice? Because, frankly, that's sort of like exposing yourself in public. (In my eyes, anyways. But I don't like drawing attention to myself.)

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    I would advise against wearing a diaper in public if you really don't want the publicity.

    I learned this lesson the hard way. I once went to the cinema wearing an Abena X-plus, I watched two movies in a row that day. I ordered a large drink, consumed it, and then you can guess what happened next halfway through the second film. I sprung a leak. I was lucky that I was able to tie my jacket around my waist for the rest of the day (I removed the diaper promptly, but the shorts I was wearing were still wet). That was one position that I did not want to be in at all.

    Ah, those were my younger and dumber DL days. I didn't think an Abena would leak after one wetting, but things like that do happen, and they do happen in the most inconvenient of times if you keep pushing your luck.

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    one diaper plus a baby diaper stuffer should produce a "small bulk," although I'm not quite clear why that's what you hope to achieve. If you're hoping people will notice your diaper, which honestly I'm not really cool with, I suppose wearing a thicker diaper is one of the more polite ways to do it, at least compared with messing your diaper in public, exposing part of or all of your diaper, and so forth. If you're just after the feel of a bulky diaper, I would recommend taking some precautions to minimize the obviousness of your diaper, if not for the sake of your reputation than for the comfort of the people around you, such as wearing looser clothes and choosing a diaper that isn't too noisy.

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    I wrote about wearing diapers to work on my blog just a day or two ago.
    It is kind of an exciting thing but always anxiety ridden for me.

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    I often wear a diaper in public but hidden, I worry about absorbency so wear one adult diaper with one or two toddler 'packer' diapers in the front area. This has worked for me and is quite discreet until it all starts to swell up when they are getting wet.

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    Well the best answer to a question like this I can give it to try on more than one diaper, check for bulk, if not enough bulk, put on another diaper and recheck for bulk.

    Baby diapers work as stuffers, however as others have said they swell up quite a bit as you wet them, which will add to the buldge of your diaper.

    With practice you will know just how many of what brand of diaper to use dependiing on what your plans for the day are.

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    Lol odd.... I would only wear 1. I never understood why people would want to flaunt they they're wearing one.

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    it all depends on if ur plannin on wetting and how long ur gonna be out for if u do wet. if u know ur gonna wet and be out for a while then use a thicker diaper, if not then just wear one. recently ive been wearing large depends out and im not used to these cuz i usually wear mediums but now i remember why i wear the mediums. anyways ive been wearing two at a time, ive done this before and what ive noticed is taht the second diaper tends to slide down evnetually and becomes a pain to deal with. and this happens no matter what size i wear, one diaper over another will slide down so be aware.

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