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    Default Diaper taping help

    What is the best kind of tape to use on my diapers if the tabs dont stick? I usually wear the same diaper 2 or 3 times cuz I don't wet.

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    Most people find packing tape works fine. Just test it first to make sure it won't rip the plastic off your diaper >.< That wouldn't be fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slim View Post
    Most people find packing tape works fine. Just test it first to make sure it won't rip the plastic off your diaper >.< That wouldn't be fun.
    Well, ill try masking tape first haha. It comes off plastic easier, but I hypothesize that the packing tape would work better. Thx

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    You can try medical tapes. They stick quite well and are pretty cheap. You can get them easily at medical stores.

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    What I thought of doing is putting packaging tape on the front of a diaper, then using separate pieces of tape to attach the tabs to the front.

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    I sometimes use pink or purple duct tape to make the tabs more secure. But you better like the snugness before you use it, you can't really adjust the tabs after that. It looks pretty though!

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    They make colored duct tape now.

    I find the white duct tape to be best and most unnoticeable as it blends with the diaper and doesn't shine in the light like packing tape.

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    I'm usually able to avoid untaping my (clean) diaper if I want to take it off and save to resume wearing later. Even with taping it properly for full leak protection, I can usually "shimmy" out of it without any real problem. Helps if you're not sweating. Apply baby powder to the outside sides of your hips, helps a bit with slipping the diaper off.

    I've also found recently though that the plastic of the diaper does stretch over time, and at the end of the day it's fitting looser, particularly around the leg cuffs, than it did when I first taped it on, so I often have to move the tapes once. It only does this once usually though. On the 24/7 I'm wearing now, the tapes can't be moved but you get one chance to retape, so I just move them in the next morning etc.

    However, I do frequently use tap to tape up the very top of the diaper above the upper tape - I've got a minor gut so otherwise the front tends to fold over forward and I don't like that. For that taping I use Scotch's "crystal tape". It's like regular scotch tape, but it's a bit wider, stronger (thicker?) and it's completely transparent, unlike the milky opaque most 'scotch tape' types are. The dispenser for them is easy to spot because it's red, usually find it in a grocery store.

    Should be easier to find around the holidays, it's popular with gift wrapping because the tape on the package doesn't show.
    I use it mainly because it's almost as strong and sticky as good quality packing tape, and is in that easy dispenser. Got tired of messing with a roll and scissors. (unlike Duct tape, it does NOT tear) If you find the tape breaks, either tape looser, or put on two layers. It's not really strong enough to do the main holding if your regular tapes stop working though. For that I go with a similarly clear product, Duck brand packing tape It's also crystal clear, and is also stronger/thicker than regular packing tape. You'll have to go to a hardware store for that probably.
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