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Thread: Should I get the S/M or the L/XL Underjams?

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    Default Should I get the S/M or the L/XL Underjams?

    my waist size is not big at all, only like a 29-30 but my probably is my thunder down under... any guys want to help me out? I would just get the large ones but they are more costly and I get less so I have to buy them more frequently


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    umm.. i would say get whatever FITS.. if you are too big/old to fit in a S/M, kinda defeats the purpose. the bigger ones will also obviously hold a larger wetting.

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    You could fit into either, but due to the thunder, the bigger size is probably a better bet. Tight fit is less comfortable and more leak prone. Or try the s/m first, and if you don't like it by large next time. Also the larger ones cover your front back higher which is good.

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    large for sure. the small ones will rip after 10 seconds

    large ones too, but after like 10 min

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    Whatever fits. Although underjams rip real easy.

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    You should consider getting the L/XL Goodnites instead of Underjams.

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    it is unlikely they will be too large whereas it is far more likely that S/M will be too small.

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    In my experiance Underjams dont do justice i have the same waist size and the large Underjams were uncomfortable to use and were tight on me. Go with the L/XL goodnites, they hold more and will fit better

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    I can't look at "S/M" being typed out without dirty thoughts flooding my mind.

    Does that mean that Underjams is exploring fringe sexuality markets?


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    Yea don't get Underjams, they are horrible, go with Goodnites

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