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Thread: GN Boxers (I know there's other threads about this... read it anyways!)

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    Default GN Boxers (I know there's other threads about this... read it anyways!)

    I found some old threads comparing the goodnites briefs and the boxers, but nobody has really said anything about the boxers, its all about the briefs. So, has anyone tried them, and if so, if you can fit into the briefs with a bit of a stretch, can you fit into the boxers? Im going on a diaper run at wal mart later and Im trying to decide which one(s) to buy. Thanks peepz!

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    This is what I found on Wikipedia. Hope it helps.

    Introduced in 2007 were new Goodnites Boxers (for Boys) and Sleep Shorts (for Girls.) They are a product designed to look and feel like boxers or shorts yet be absorbent as a diaper. Some people have reported that they are smaller than the comparable "brief" style. They are blue for boys and pink for girls. The outer covering is cloth-like to look like a boxer-short, but inside is a plastic diaper. The short cover can be easily lifted by the wearer much like a skirt, revealing a diaper that looks similar to a regular Goodnites diaper but without the cloth-like lining or graphics; in this way, Goodnites Sleep Shorts are much like traditional diapers.

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    If you can just squeeze into regular goodnites, don't even try the boxers. They are much smaller and would be a waste of your money.

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    i hear they are alot worse, id stick with breifs like i do

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    I'm going to beg to differ. I personally loves Goodnites boxers. They aren't nearly as stretchy as the briefs and cost more. But they hold a lot more and are just all round great. Just my opinion.

    If you are curious, you can get packs for a little more than ten bucks.

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    I really wish that Goodnites would have corrected this problem with the boxers, instead of simply giving up on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodJams1 View Post
    I really wish that Goodnites would have corrected this problem with the boxers, instead of simply giving up on them.
    Me too. It would have been such an epic idea if it was planned out correctly.

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    When they were discontinued I picked up two packs of the girls goodnites boxers at walgreens for $2 apiece. They were itchy and too small. I still have most of them, not sure what to do with them. I may save the unopened pack and sell it on eBay in like 10 years.

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    They (Drynites Sleep Shorts) didn't fit me without tearing, so end of. Regular Drynites fit without a problem. Not even a tight sqeueeze, they fit comfortably (the age 8-15 ones in the UK that is). Sleep Shorts were aimed younger which may have been the problem. I'd have thought older kids would be more into boxers, not younger. Not that I like boxers anyway.

    Only positive thing is under the boxer the diaper/nappy is plastic backed.

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    I was curious what those looked like (inside and out) and found a few images online:

    girls/boys boxers/briedfs outside

    pink boxers inside

    blue boxers inside

    Then I saw these, wow that looks like tissuepaper?

    blue boxers IRL

    pink boxers IRL

    They look so much more like cloth in the promo picture at first, and so much more like craypaper or tissuepaper in the real life shots. Also the blue boxers IRL shot really shows a diaper bulge, even when dry?

    Here's another one that makes them LOOK like they're rayon or some other sheeny fabric outer cover:

    boys/girls boxers outside


    pink boxers looking like tissupaper

    Either they've changed the design between these shots, or there's some photoshopping going on... it's interesting how it's IMPOSSIBLE to find an ad showing them being worn. Baby diaper ads always show the baby in the diaper. Seems like they realize it's going to be a disappointment when you open the pack and realize what you really got?
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