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    24 year old sometimes bedwetter from Baltimore looking to talk to other enuretic girls.


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    Hi Missy,

    Welcome to ADISC

    Just as a word of advice whilst I'm sure your intentions are good in asking to talk to other girls who wet the bed, in my experience most girls (myself included) on forums like this are quite wary of people who are looking only to talk to girls. Obviously with the AB/DL community being centred around something that is a fetish to many people, and being quite male-dominated, it is not unusual to meet people who only want to speak to girls in order to feed their own sexual fantasies. Of course I'm not suggestion that this is the case with you, but generally people asking just to talk to girls (or indeed people from any specific demographic, such as location) are not seen as favourably in this community as people who are open to talk to anybody and everybody on this forum. There is a really varied bunch of people here, and I'm sure you will find that everybody here can offer a really interesting perspective and contribute to interesting conversation and I think you'll have more luck finding friends if you are willing to talk to a wider range of people here!

    Anyway, if you're looking to make friends here then that's great. As a support community that's one of the main reasons people join, to find other like-minded people who may have shared similar experiences. So, one of the first things we ask our new members to do is tell us a bit about themselves so that we can get to know them. So, what kind of stuff are you interested in real-life? What sort of things do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What are you hobbies and your likes/dislikes? It's always good to find out about our members outside of their reasons for being here.

    Look forward to hearing more from you

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    Hi there athena2k1. Welcome to ADISC.

    As Jess has said, we're all about the community here, and that means telling us all about yourself! (But don't worry, we're not looking for anything too identifying!)

    This is a cheat sheet written by one of our top contributers on the forums, spddan, and details one of the easiet and quickest ways to make an awesome introduction. You should check it out

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    Welcome. Guys, how did you get those color names? Did I miss something while I was gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadestar View Post
    Welcome. Guys, how did you get those color names? Did I miss something while I was gone?
    Try and keep this thread for welcoming new people.

    Your answer is here in the articles system though

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