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Thread: I came out to one of my X bf's

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    Default I came out to one of my X bf's

    So since the break up of dan, I have been talking to my old X bf from Wellington, as I kinda still had feelings for him but since I lived so far away we didnt really do anything about it.

    So yeah we got talking and I said to him I have something to tell you, he was ok what is it. I was really scared in telling him, even tho it was only over the internet. Cut a long story short I finially told him, and his response was, no what you do I will always love you.

    Phew now thats off my chest, its the first time that I have told someone about it (other than this site)
    BUt then I asked him something else. I asked him would he wear also if we were back together and it said it would give it a try... so now even better I may have a friend/possible bf who would be keen to wear... YAY!!!

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    Honestly? Keen may be to strong of a word in this instance, but I want to congratulate you on telling someone, way to go! ^_^ It's so awesome to finally do that for the first time, it's like someone grabbed whatever was on your shoulders and threw it half way round the world. ^_^

    I hope, should you two get back together, that it goes well for you both.

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    Why did you come out to an ex? You must've broken up for a reason, would you really want memories of that or something when you're back together?

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    we broke up cause I listened to to many people and not him or my heart, also broke up cause he was a real party boy, where I am not. but now he has settled and wants to settle down, I thought about giving it another shot once I move down to wellington again...

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    The only thing you can do is give it a try, maybe he has changed his party life, you can't party forever, some try, could be he had his fill of that life.

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    I had friends that were always partying... emphasis on had.

    I don't understand people who think that the only thing to do to have fun is drink... but it seems a lot of folks my age do it.

    Odds are... if you broke up with the guy he's still the same person. Don't let diapers be the only thing that sustains your relationship. I mean... having a diapered bf/gf/whatever is a blast... but your relationship needs to be built on more than that.

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    yeah I know that, but he is also saying that he would like to chill out, get into a more stable committed life, and start to settle down.. so with that alone is more what I am looking for than to just have him because he is willing to give diapers ago..

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    Well that soulds great, I am with DF about having a strong relationship other then the diapers. Heck if it was not for my strong relationship With Df I would never have tried them. But if you feel that relationship has the chance of getting strong again try. Understand there will be changes in his life though. Coming into the diaper world through a bf/gf takes a lot of "work" and will take time. So just me super suportive, and they will do the same for you.

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    he respects me and the fact I do like to wear them, he has no problems about, and has offered to wear them or at least try them out with me so I like that Idea..

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