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Thread: Spider Solitare...WTF?

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    Default Spider Solitare...WTF?

    So today in my computer class, we were installing VMplayer since we were learning about virtual machines, and while mine was installing I decided to play a small game of spider solitaire which I beat (on easy, of course). But instead of giving me the typical "You Won" animation, it gave me this:

    I was able to grab a screenshot of it, luckily.

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    anyone with access to your computer can rearrange the words as a joke or something. id show you but i cant get my new verison to do it at the moment

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    *taps into your computers and denies ability to create a folder named: CON or AUX hehehehe that's a cute hack for Spider tho

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    i did that to my friend once, i made it say: YOU HAVE NO LIFE

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