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Thread: So i was thinking of buying...

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    Default So i was thinking of buying...

    If i buy diapers with my debit card, will it show what i purchased on my statement, and will people at the bank know?

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    It will only show the name of the company (or the name the company uses) on billing, not what you paid unless maybe it is some kind of super special card that keeps track of everything for some special reason, but you would know if it did from past bank statements. I think the bigger question is will the people at the bank care if they did know? No.

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    Bank statements just show how much money you spent and at what store. The bank does not care what you do with your money as long as it is legal.

    If you have someone else looking at the statement like a parent or spouse you might want to avoid buying from medical supply places and stick to drug stores. Or withdraw cash.

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    You only have to worry if someone else reads tour bank statement and starts questioning you about it.

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    If someone asks just say that you got lunch one day at the drug store, it will only show the store not your items

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    Yeah, I buy diapers online using my debit card it only shows the name of the merchant, and nothing to do with the item(s) purchased. This is the same for items I purchase at the local drugstore. You have nothing to worry about; just buy, wear, and be happy!

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    Well, for one, the people at the bank are last people you need to worry about finding out. Even if they did get to see what exactly you bought, it's not like they would give a flying shiznizzle anyways. Imagine how many numbers there are that need to be sorted, processed, confirmed and archived every minute of every day for someone working at a bank. They don't have time to take a second look at the why.

    As for what you buy showing up, it kinda depends where. At a store, no big deal. It'll show the store and how much you spent. For online vendors though, names can sometimes give away what you were buying. If anyone else (besides banks/CC companies) can see your credit card statement, they may get curious and Google the company name the order was from. But most companies dealing in that nature have discreet bank/CC statements so they are really easy to overlook. What they do put up is really general, only relatively extensive searches would reveal what it was directly.

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    This is like what all the bank sees. And like you can see I get mine. Nobody cares dude. Seriously. If I can buy from the register lookin at a person, why in the world would I care if this shows? The only person who cares if you are buying diapers is you - believe me.

    11/02/2010 CHECKCARD 1*** SOUTHWEST FREEWAY HOUSTON TX 24427330******03323312 -$39.00 $953.81
    10/29/2010 CHECKCARD 1*** JUMPLINE/SURFSPDY COLUMBUS OH 2444500*******3877788 -$39.95 $992.81
    10/28/2010 Deposit for $150.00 $1,032.76
    10/28/2010 Deposit for $300.00 $882.76
    10/28/2010 Deposit for $500.00 $582.76
    10/15/2010 CHECKCARD 1014 XP MEDICAL 888-485-2268 CA 242750*****00729971 -$16.25 $82.76
    10/15/2010 CHECKCARD 1*** SHELL OIL 57541**** HOUSTON TX 2431605*****014019 -$21.29 $99.01
    10/15/2010 CHECKCARD 1014 IMPROVELIFE INC. 888-5708836 CA 243323902*******7872485 -$59.29 $120.30

    besides my own, i am sorta like the diaper underground getting stuff delivered to me here for others lol.

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