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Thread: How lame and rude of me!

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    Default How lame and rude of me!

    Hey everybody!

    I just realized that I've been around these boards for several months now, and I never bothered to introduce myself. So, I'm going to correct that.

    I'm xbabyx on the abdl sites of the internets. I'm a 28 year old in the suburbs of Detroit. I describe myself as a two-year-old stuck in an adult's body. My boyfriend is a 24/7-wearing DL and is also my bubby. I'm also into bondage, plastic-wear, and a few other things. My bubby and I bought a house this summer, and amazingly enough, two of the bedrooms were originally designed to be a master bedroom/nursery suite! I'm sure the designers in 1940 didn't design it with abdls in mind, but that's not going to stop me from converting that room back into a nursery! I've drawn up plans to build a highchair and crib, so I'm thinking that this winter I'll invest in the woodworking tools and get to it! Of course, I love diapers, with cloth and Dry 24/7 being my favourites. I also have some bondage gear like cuffs and stuff, as well as a leather straitjacket and a custom-made 1/4-inch steel spiked collar.

    Beyond my abdl and related stuff... I'm a very avid cyclist. I actually got hit by an SUV that ran a red light a few years ago and shattered my leg. After over two years of hell, I am fully recovered and have about 1,700 km on the bike this year. I enjoy classic videogames, as in NES and 16-bit era stuff. I'm a bit of a tabletop RPG gamer, although I haven't done much gaming in the last year or two. I'm a beer affectionado, with Imperial IPAs and Imperial Russian Stouts being my favourite styles, and I'm actually planning to try homebrewing here in the near future, just as soon as I get myself to Adventures in Homebrewing to buy the stuff. Also, as I mentioned, my boyfriend and I bought an old house that's a bit of a fixer-upper, so I've been having a lot of fun and... fun ... doing home renovations.

    So yeah, that's the gist of it. Thanks for having me!

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    I wish you lots of luck, my woodworking is limited to things like building a bookshelf that will fit LDs and oversize games with a staple gun *giggles* I wish you lots of luck with your home improvement this winter.

    Retro gaming and table top gaming ftw! I am playing Destiny of an Emperior right now on my NES while I browse this site. Gotta love RPGs with "speed up my battles" mode!

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