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Thread: A positive "Told Someone!" story :)

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    Default A positive "Told Someone!" story :)

    I recently told my best "friend"(She and I both feel that the word is too weak) about my AB/DL self, and I can say it went about as good as one could hope.

    Our thing is to tell each other EVERYTHING...we sit and talk for hours and hours about our lives, we take every detail and analyze it, laugh about it, cry about it, everything. I've known about my AB'ness since before I met her, so every time we'd say that we do that, I'd always have a stab of guilt.

    One day, I went to stay over her place (Lived together for the past 2 years) because I was feeling depressed (guess what about!) and she kept telling me how she knew me better then anyone, and that I should listen to her advice and that she loved me. I had brought my bear oddly enough(which she has been aware of for some time), and basically hugged it for all it was worth, but still had a hard time saying it. It took her about a half hour to coax it out of me, but I finally ended up telling her.

    She guessed it eventually, because I reminded her of a time when she had found one of my paci's while cleaning, and never really thinking anything about it. Her reaction equated to "That's it?! That's nothing!"

    She even talked alot about how she's so happy that I have something that I enjoy so much, and that she wants me to feel comfortable around her. After discussing it for a bit, she said she understood and kinda empathized.

    She even tucked me in and put me to bed, which was amazing...

    Just telling someone has kinda helped me accept it personally, but I'm kinda worried that I'll over talk about it and make her uncomfortable...but we shall see!

    -ShyBoy(fan of the parenthetic aside)

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    That's great news! I hope that you two can build an even stronger relationship and now you will feel so much better with out that "stabbing guilt" I think if she knows you as well as she says she does. You might find 1 of 2 things happening.. 1 she knows you'll talk about it more now, because it's new. Or 2. She might want to talk about it more because you have all that catching up to do.
    Either way, have fun and stay diapered!

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    Aw.. That's Sweet. A few months ago I actually built up the courage to tell my best friend "Who is a girl" and my Girlfriend about how I was into diapers.

    At the time it was one of the most awkward things to do because I've never even thought about telling someone that in fear that I would be judged by those who I really care about.

    But suprisingly in the end both of them were very accepting towards it and said that it didn't change the way they felt about me

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    When my mom found my stash, it went really badly. But in the 2 years since, she's seen the proof of how important it is to me. I graduated with honors on my college diploma, and am working on a bachelors now with pretty much straight As. In no small part, my success is due to the emotional stability being AB gives me. I think my mom can see that now, and I know she still loves me in any case. So there's another sort of positive outcome!

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    I told my (then) fiancée before we got married. It went impressively well and I received no shame or condemnation which is kind of what I imagined would happen...
    I know its not this way for us all but its not completely out of the question.

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    Way to go! Remember to have a ton of fun, like we're supposed to do!

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    Well I can honestly say that i told all my close friends around 10 years ago in a drunken stupor. I have had gentle teasing from them but nothing that has truly upset me. They in turn have told others so it is/was fairly public but I can truly say I have not lost any friends and people really aren't interested in your fetish in the long run.

    My parents have found websites and pictures but this has never been brought up outside of "whats this on your computer". My university friends found stuff on my computer, again I am still friends with them all and have never been publicly mocked. Privately maybe but that is a part of life that always goes on no matter what you might think of yourself.

    I have told a ex partner who was never interested in trying it out. I told my current girlfriend and she has indulged me and likes a paci and wants to be bottle fed... She wore nappies all last weekend for the first time.

    I buy nappies in public every Friday and I find it immensely exhilarating to do this... I see the looks from the girls serving me but I could happily chat to them there and then.

    Basically everyone close to me knows about my fetish and, if think hard about it, it is mortally embarrassing but I just think there are bigger things to worry about in life.

    Don't get me wrong though I am shy, I'm easily embarrassed and ten years ago it was my shameful little secret but life is a joke, just a really good one.

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    That's great!

    It sounds like you two are really great friends and it's wonderful that she was so understanding.

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    That was a really touching story. <3

    I'm glad to hear about such a great thing happening for you.

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