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    Finally it is cool enough today to wear them, high of 50 or so. I tried yesterday at 65 and still too much sweating. My first time really wearing plastic training pants, but I thought it might be fun for awhile. They don't seem real noticeable for going out in public either, other then they tend to ride high. Not sure how well they will work at preventing a real accident yet, but they seem like they might. Anyone else wear plastic pants out?

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    You don't mention a diaper, so some additional clarity would be helpful. You're using "plastic training pants" and "plastic pants" synonymously, and to me those are two different things. I would expect plastic training pants to be pull-ups with a cloth lining and plastic outer, which aren't very common and wouldn't take a very big wetting. Plastic pants by contrast are just that, no liner at all, just a plastic shell and are made to be worn over a diaper. If you're wearing those with no diaper, any urine is just going to collect in the bottom and as soon as you sit, it'll be everywhere and it will be gross. Plastic pants over a cloth diaper work very well but tend to require a pretty bulkier diaper than a disposable in order to absorb much, which could present a discretion problem.

    Some people like to wear plastic pants over disposables but I never really took to that since while they will catch a leak, there's nowhere for it to be absorbed back to so unless the amount is very small, you're back to the problem of free-flowing urine. I also find the trapped heat can be bad for a disposable's tapes and leave you with a bigger problem. This would not be a risk with a velcro closures but I pretty much hate cloth-covered diapers, so it won't be coming up for me. I tried to cover all the angles but some clarification on what you mean would still be helpful.

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    Sorry, plastic pants over Pull Up diaper...

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    I have found plastic pants over pull up diapers do work well with only a little leak when sitting but apart from that they are fine

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