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    I wear the L/XL girls goodnites currently. They fit me comfortably and i still have quite a bit more room. I want to try a new kind of diaper. Any suggestions. I wet the bed still but I do wear them during the day for fun.

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    Would pampers or huggies or any kind of baby diaper fit me?.. i'm like 115 lbs

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    I guess it depends ( pun not intended) whether you are looking for a pullup or an all in one disposable diaper/nappy. I wear drynites/goodnites , as well as other nappies/ diapers depending on where i am going & what i am doing ,i also use reusable nappies/ diapers at night. Hope this helps.

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    It doesnt really matter. Just something that can last me all night. Baby diapers are super absorbant, i'm just not sure if they will fit me and what brand i should get. There's soo many, pampers, huggies, luvs.. etc

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    I think it might be a case of trial & error i myself don't wear huggies or pampers so i could not comment on whether they might fit. The major brands this side of the pond are Tena & Attends you could try the smaller sizes until you are happy that it works ok for you. Most companies will send a sample for you to try.

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    You might have some luck with Pampers babydry 6. I absolutely love them, but sadly I don't exactly fit into them so I have to improvise; lol.

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    One quick question. Can you order online? With some luck, you may be able to get some Molicares.

    Why Molicare? Because they come with size SMALL, which would fit someone like you nice and snugly. Most other diapers, especially store-bought diapers, only come in Medium and Large, which causes some amount of discomfort to the user. On the other hand, I doubt baby diapers would fit you, though. Sorry =p

    Personally, I'm about 140 lbs and I don't fit into a size small anymore, but I'm doing fine with medium. I hope this helps ^_^[COLOR="Silver"]

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    How big are you? I'm pretty sure you could fit into a Pampers Size 6.

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