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Thread: scariest women in politics? i think so

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    Default scariest women in politics? i think so

    YouTube - Julie Bishop Death Stare
    this is julie bishop, deputy of the opposition party,

    in this scene she outstares a GARDEN GNOME YouTube - Yes We Canberra - Julie Bishop Stare Competition

    may just be the deadliest women since mary queen of scots

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    Haha, that is a classic teacher stare - we are taught those stares at uni!

    But aside from the scary stare she actually seemed quite nice and good fun - I couldn't imagine Thatcher or Palin on a show like that!

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    Ha ha she is fantastic! I love seeing politicians who can laugh at themselves like that.

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    Well their learning to laugh at themselves. Now maybe they can start learning to stop freaking censoring every damn little thing about drugs and bullets.

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    The scariest female Politician is Christine O'Donnell. You know. because she is a witch.

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