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Thread: Dear Zombies, Please Do Not Eat Our Brains.

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    Default Dear Zombies, Please Do Not Eat Our Brains.

    For those of you who don't know there's this super mega awesome comic book series called The Walking Dead which has also recently been made into an almost equally mega super awesome TV show.

    For those of you who do know about it, anyone want discuss how kick-ass the storyline is, or what you think is gonna happen next in the comics, or just how bad-ass Micchone is?

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    I love this new series, as I love anything about zombies!! Books, comics, movies, video games, art & even plushies!! For a t.v. series, the zombie make-up & special effects have been big screen worthy!! I just hope it continues to be great, as the story moves along!! This will be a must buy for me, once out on DVD or Blu-ray!!

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    Its a stereo type that zombies only eat brains. They will eat any part of you they can get their hands on.

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    I love Zombies. I even have Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle stickers on my Jeep.

    The New show on AMC The walking Dead is awesome.

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    I am thinking The Walking Dead will be the best "Lost" replacement. It's a great show and I've yelled at the TV "Run ya dumbasses the smell is washing off!!!!!!!"

    Plus it makes up for the lack of a zombie season on Lost.

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    Ahh, Zombies! MAN! Zombies scare me more than anything else because there's nothing freakier than being eaten by someone you know! LOL Don't really watch a lot of TV but I will have to check this show out sometime or DVR a few episodes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlebabymike View Post
    I love Zombies. I even have Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle stickers on my Jeep.

    The New show on AMC The walking Dead is awesome.
    I just caught the pilot on AMC Sat night, can't wait for the next one.

    LOL mike.....nice paint job. and XJ

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    The Walking Dead has just been ordered for a 2nd Season by AMC. Looks like there was a big lack of zombie based apocalypse shows with as good special effects as movies, who knew.

    More Life for Zombies: 'The Walking Dead' Gets a Second Season

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    Didn't like watching this, gave me bed wetting nightmares!

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    Here...listen to this song. It should clear up confusion and put your mind at ease...or at least make you smile
    YouTube - Brains! Lyrics

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