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Thread: oh i am smooth

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    Cool oh i am smooth

    Well I have incontinence and have to wear these prevail pull up things to school, and I got pants'd today. The whole freshman class saw my "diaper". But I kept a very calm face, pulled my pants up, and let them make fun of me. Than when they were done and said "Wow. You must be very desperate, immature, and insensitive to make fun of someones disability and what they do to manage it. You see, I have to wear this because I have incontinence. I am responsible enough to take care of my problems. While it's not normal or enjoyable, it's entirely necessary. Just like someone paralysed from the waist down. Do you steal there weelchair and then make fun of them for not being able to stand?" than he said "yea, why?" than I just walked away. A few seconds later, I heard HIM being made fun of. Oh, how good it feels to have justice.

    Anyone have any similar stories?

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    Good for you! I would have freaked at that age if it were me.

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    Man, you are my hero. I am so proud of you for standing up to the bully and putting him in his place. Kudos! You showed remarkable poise and maturity, not to mention clarity of mind in what could have been a terrible humiliating experience. And hurrah to those who then were swayed to your cause.

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    You are indeed smooth. I don't have any stories to share (wish I did), but good job & well said.

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    Queue: Smooth Criminal by AAF.

    While your not a criminal, this moment seems to remind me of that song.

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    Kudos, that's a very mature way to handle a situation like that.

    When I was that age I would have been right beside you shaming the bullies as well.

    I also would have done my best to befriend you, (admittedly and primarily) because I had a thing for other kids who were incontinent. I was a friend to all of the bed wetters or pants wetters I knew at that age. I'd have given you the shirt off my back to cover your wet pants.

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    Thank you all. Normally I would just say somthing witty and simply get others to see them for what they really are, a jerk that can't even make fun of a nerd without somehow losing to said nerd. But this time, I made a stand. I almost feel sorry for the poor guy. Now the whole school is really pissed at him. All I really did was talk to him, and he kinda did the rest. I know this is completely his fault, but still, the whole school, truly hating you. That must be the worst thing ever. I mean, at least when he bullied someone, by the end of the week, everyone forgot about it. But man, this doesn't seem like it will end soon for him. Oh, and when I said they "made fun of him" it was more like "yelled angrily him as he walked away". He really brought this on himself, but you gotta feel at least a little sorry for the poor kid.

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    From the sounds of it, I think he's totally getting what he deserves. Incontinence is indeed a disability and him making fun of someone who is incontinent is just as bad as making fun of someone with a wheelchair for not being able to stand (going back to what you said to him). Kudos for showing maturity beyond your years in a tough situation.

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