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    Woke up to a sick kid, sneezing and hacking all over the place, and crying about an upset tummy. She's crying and in distress, of course, and that breaks my heart.

    In the middle of booking an appointment with the doctor, power goes out. YAY for cordless phones, that REQUIRE power to work. Seems some idiot looked away from driving for a split second, and took out a pole. Power JUST came back on about an hour ago.

    Anyway, I get through to the doctor on my cell, book the appointment, call out of work, call out of school, call my daughter out of school. Things were looking up.

    Leave to go to the doctor's around 1, after bundling my baby girl up like Nanook of the North (it's COLD here in New England...well, chilly but REALLY wet and windy, and she was already sick). Car's dead, click-click-click. I know enough to know it's a battery, and get my neighbor to jumpstart me.

    Get to the doctor's half an hour late, and can anyone guess what the incredibly rude receptionist, who MUST be new because I'd never seen her before today, tells me? I bet you can. If you guessed that since we missed the appointment, we're SOL, you're right.

    After arguing with her for a few minutes, my little one loses the fight with her tummy and...well, it wasn't pretty. The lady at the desk didn't seem to have a shred of compassion, and seemed to make it seem like it was MY fault she got sick. Thankfully, one of the nurses, a lady whom I've known since I was a little kid, came to the rescue and escorted us to an exam room, despite Mrs. Meany's renewed insistence we had forfeited the appointment by being late. I hope she loses her damn job, I really do. I don't wish bad things on people...well, most people...but I hope she gets canned.

    After our late appointment, and learning what I already mostly knew...she has the flu...I re-bundle the munchkin up and get her back to the car. Click-click-FREAKING-CLICK!!! Dead battery AGAIN. I call AAA, who almost made me smile. Almost. They quoted me 2 hours on a truck, and had one to me in less than 20 minutes!!

    To make the day just utterly fantastic, as if it hadn't been awesome to begin with, I get stuck in a mega backup on 93 trying to get home. Seems some jerkwads got into a fender bender, got into a fist fight about it and one of the stabbed the other. In the ensuing deadlocked traffic, who has to go potty, and RIGHT NOW?! You know it was the recently potty trained 4-year-old, right? What could I do? I was over a mile from an exit, traffic was completely stopped, it was raining outside...I didn't even clean the backseat up when we got home. I'll do it tomorrow. I just didn't have the energy.

    Bad things are supposed to come in threes...I got to three and just kept on trucking today. It's days like this that seriously test my sobriety and clean state. No, I didn't drink but MAN did I want to.

    Sorry for the rant, but I needed to vent. I hope tomorrow is better...but thinking on that, how in the WORLD could it be worse?!

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    Things will get better Rory, they always do! After a day like the day you had, how could it get any worse, right? As a former Bostonian now living in the south I can clearly say I do not miss the cold damp weather and your post reminded me just how much!

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    Sorry for your bad day. By now you have probably realized you are also going to have to buy a battery. Yours is unable to hold a charge and so it's shot. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I glad you got home safe and sound however, and I hope the munchkin gets better soon.

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    I remember hearing something from someone tied to a cross who said "Always look on the bright side of life" at least you aren't on a cross right now so that's one good thing. You have a home and food to eat and if you count everything that is good in your life you will probably find you do have a lot to be thankful for. Trials like these come to everyone but you just have to be steadfast and strong. Anyway I hope you have a great day tomorrow and I hope that your daughter gets better soon.

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    >.> life's never good when it comes to these events.. Dealing with my family and the stress that goes around it your bound to have bad days every once in awhile ^_^ but the bad times will pass. Bad things happen all the time its how you look at these bad things and still experience good out of it.

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    At least you were a good parerent. I mean I wish I could say the same for mine. And don't feel bad you couldn't face cleaning that up today, if one more straw was gonna break the camels back, then it's good you knew your limit. *hugs*

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