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Thread: Wow!!!!

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    Default Wow!!!!

    so this summer ive basically kicked the summer routine to the curb, i decided to stay buy my grandparents house for the summer (they have a huge house) abd get some stuff done,

    so i was in the 1st floor bathroom and ran out of tp (toilet paper) so i go into the towel closet (each one of their bathrooms has a freakin towel closet, my room at my house dosent even have a closet) and i find a pack of depends pull ups (just my sizem which is a shocker, because everyone in that house is a different size, and no one is the same size) so i see that there is one missing, (now im a paranoid type of person) so i giv it a day there was originally one missing so i decide to take one. then next day there are 2 missing, the origional one missing and the one i took and i decide to giv it another day before takin another one so the next day there are still just the 2 missing so i decide no one will notice, and ive been using them since...

    now not only is it a first time trying depends (by the way they suck culo), but i also have access to $$$ and to a couple of drug stores, oh and no one in the neighborhood knows me, so my plan is to go to a local drug store to get more as soon as i wish and since the kids here are still in school, if anyone asks why im buying them i can just say seinor prank, there are like 3 schools in the area

    and not only that but there are like forest preserves here and that means bike trails off of major roads, so i can take a bike trail though the forest to the drug store

    am i lucky or what!!!

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    Sounds nice... just be careful and don't get caught.

    Buy some diapers next time you get a chance... they are better than pullups.

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    I've tried Depends Pull-Ups...They are horrid...But that's still lucky finding them

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    i usually tend to like the pull-ups style a lot more, not to many diapers attract my attention, some do, but not many,

    and yes the depends pull ups are horrible, but they actually did pretty good last nite so gotta give them props

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    Pull-ups are always nice when you're paranoid about being caught out. They're much thinner and even if people grope your backside (Odd friends. <3), it's still pretty unnoticeable. Not to mention, they'll take at least a wetting, so, it's not that much of a problem unless you really thoroughly like being soaked.

    I can't say I have a preference of diaper, but the first time I ever showed anyone that I wore, I was in a pull-up...So I guess pull-ups have sentimental value to me.

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    Be careful not to take too too many, I've had somewhat of a similar situation happen where the family that was staying over bought a brand new pack of Goodnites while they were here and 2 weeks later they were all how does 18 or 22 or however many Goodnites disappear in 2 weeks?

    Frankly I don't know what to do with the Depends Refastenables that I bought...they're not any good to actually use. I did notice that star patterns show up when they've been completely soaked (like in a tub) though, which I thought was a little odd considering they're for adults.

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    maybe those were marketed in the areas where there isnt much entertainment... lol...

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    Haha I don't know, but if I was an adult who really needed those sorry excuses for pullups, I would be pretty pissed that stars appeared when I needed to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renegade-a View Post
    maybe those were marketed in the areas where there isnt much entertainment... lol...
    ghetto kids: there nothing to do...
    Grandpa: here 20$ go buy yoselves some diapees,yall keep yo ass entertained foe hours...

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