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Thread: best daytime diaper

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    Default best daytime diaper

    Ok, i do see a couple threads from last year which i will go look at as well, but wanted to ask people's opinions.

    I am not IC, but basically planning on wearing 24/7 till christmas, and then will see after that. In the last few weeks i have ordered various brands including a Tranquility sample pack, some Abena M4s (Abri-form x-plus), some Dry 24/7, and still waiting for the mollicare and bambinos to show up.

    so from what i have seen so far, really impressed with dry 24/7, and the abens (which i am actually wearing rigth now at work), but i am looking for something a little less bulky for daily / during the day wear. I cant comment on the suitability of the bambinos yet (here is hoping), but i rather do like the Tranquility ATN for daily wear, as it's about half the size of the Abena M4, and practically disappears under clothes. But they are still more expensive to come by than some of the lighter Abena varieties, which i haven't yet tried. (in Canada.., i can get the ATN shipped for 1.34 per.) I'm not particularly trying to go out of my way to hide my diapers, but a full M4 does kind of scream its presence in bulge, even in slacks.

    So my question, which variety of Abena is similar in bulk to the Tranquility ATN, Abri-from Extra, Super, or Plus? Or does anyone else out there have a good daytime diaper for half decent discretion without sacrificing too much absorbency?

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    Well I personally really like the attends slip active (I'm not sure if they go under a different name in Canada/US though) as I don't sweat as much in those. They are quite discreet IMO. I don't really know if they'd compare to any of the diapers you mentioned absorbency-wise as I haven't tried any of them.

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    I've never actually used the ATN's but I can speak about the Abena products, as I've tried most of them and really like them. For day-time wear I would recommend either the Supers (M2) or even the Extra (M3). Both are absorbent and have good leg seals, so you can wet while sitting in your office chair no worries, obviously the super is a bit thinner and holds less and vice-versa for the extra but the extra is still a fairly discreet diaper. I think your best bet is order a sample pack of each (XP Medical does this) and try them on and see how discreet each is on your body and with your clothes.

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    i would agree with dirtbike here. If your going to wear them 24/7 go with abena they are the best for that. If your going to do a little baby stuff use bambino,super dry kids or cushies. But yeah for daily go what dirtbike said that be best choice may be a little high but you will be better of with them. Not to boar you but try ordering the abena of xp medical or abu universe they tend to be cheaper that way. Hope this helps and good luck ^^

    Abena X Plus - More for a night time diaper or around house. But i found wearing jeans hides them well so it can go both ways.

    M2 and M3 - Would work great for during the day they are not as thick as the x plus but if your a heavy wetter it may be a problem unless you change when you do need. So you would be fine then.

    Bambino - They are a good diaper but they tend to have problems with leaking some times. Also some times if wet a lot the inside the polamer will leak a little in the diaper but nothing to bad. If you in to doing baby stuff then go for them. But their not good for 24/7 wearers.

    Mollicare - These can be a good diaper. They do hold a lot but they can leak out the back and sides when siting. If you put a pull up over it you be just fine.

    Tranquility - The only really good one for them is over night diapers. They be good for during the day diapers as well.

    Super Dry Kids - Good diaper for baby stuff can be expensive.

    I'm young but i know my diapers XD
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    So far the only ones I've tried are Goodnites and Rite Aid protective underwear.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a pull-up type diaper that had the flat elastic type of sides like Goodnites(and other children pull-ups), as opposed to the more frilly sides typically on the "underwear" like the Rite Aid. Something that is larger than a Goodnites of course.

    Sorry to stray focus off the OP, but the topic seemed appropriate.

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    I have found the Abena extra to be a really good diaper. They are much easier to conceal that x plus, and their absorbancy is more than adequate. Big savings over X-plus too.

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    Goodnites and underjams are the best. Goodnites tend to leak a bit so i tear the sides off one and put one inside of the other. It works well and gets me through the night dry

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScroogeMcDuck View Post
    Tena slip maxi.
    Not for sale in the US

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    The abena extra is very good, but right now im using active ultra plus, IS VERY NICE DIAPERS WITH VELCRO TABS

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