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    Hello everybody

    My name is tom and i'm from switzerland. i was a bedwetter for longtime and was used to sleep in a diaper. but i also start to like the diaper. today i'm still wetting the bed but not so often. sometimes i also wear the diapers during the day.
    i like to do a lot of sport like biking, ans skiing. Hope to find some other people who have a similar history.

    cu vlesia

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    Hi Tom

    Welcome to ADISC

    Do you get to do a lot of skiing in Switzerland? Do you live nearby to any slopes? I have never been properly skiing in snow before, I have been skiing on a dry ski-slope a few times with school when I was young. I was not a very successful skier, I remember falling over a lot and wasn't good enough to try going from the top of the slope and had to stay going down from the middle. I think my early experiences of being so awful at skiing have put me off ever even attempting it as an adult! But I hope one day I will at least get to have a go at skiing on some real snow.

    I like cycling as well, although only the very mundane sort of cycling - to the shops or maybe along some of the country lanes/roads when it's spring/summer, particularly when all of the baby lambs are out in the fields. I like to go on my bike past all of the farms and coo over them I have never really bicycled as a proper sport though, is that what you do at all? Have you ever been on a velodrome or in a race or anything?

    Aside from cycling and skiing do you have any other interests you might like to share with us? I'm sure you'll find others on here with similar interests to talk to

    Look forward to hearing more from you,

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    Hi Tom. Are you a mountain biker, or a Tour d'France kind of cyclist? (No clue what that's called lol) Do you live near any slopes? I snowboard instead of ski, but I can still keep up with my friends well.

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