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Thread: Target vs. Lands End Sleepers 2010

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    Has anybody tried this year's Lands End boys' sleepers (Boys' Fleece Sleeper from Lands' End)? They go up to size 16 and I've checked out the size chart, but I've found that the accuracy of size charts can be kind of iffy for sleepers. So, how does a size 16 fare in comparison to the Target boys' XL sleepers? Are they larger or smaller?

    Please mention whether you're comparing to this year's Target XL sleepers or the Target sleepers of previous years... Unfortunately, Target has definitely downsized their XL sleeper this year. They are several inches shorter than the ones from last year.

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    I have been thinking about ordering another Lands End sleeper just to see if they've gotten more generous. Last time I tried the sizing was definitely for little kids - 16 was all right if you were 5' 8" or under, and I'm not. Meanwhile, Target has definitely deteriorated. I happily wear the one I bought last year almost every night, but the one I bought this year is short and very tight. Not fun.

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    Thanks for the info. 5'8" and under would work, considering I'm 5'4"... How snug fitting are the Lands End sleepers in comparison to Target? The Target XL sleepers from last year were somewhat baggy on me and left room for padding--not so with the Target sleepers this year. That's really my biggest complaint, since the height is still OK (though at it's limit--I'd say these will fit 5'6" MAX).

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    I really can't get into the landsend sleepers, so it's hard to say. But you should definitely get one and try it out. Worst comes to worst, it's a nice present for someone whom it will fit. The landsend pajamas are definitely higher quality and snugglier than the Target ones. And given how skinny those are this year, I bet the landsend footies will be a little more realistically sized.

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    By the way, I'm 6'2" and my target sleeper from last year is my favorite thing...cosy, comfy, and it glows in the dark!

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    Having seen the ad's and guesses at sizes, I think the land's end are smaller. (target goes as far as XL 16-18 now and LE's only says 16) They do offer free shipping a lot, you could always order it or if Sears actually carries the products go check it out for yourself!

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    Land's end is smaller for sure. I'm 5'6" and I can wear them to play in, but the choke me when I try to sleep in them. I'd say if your only 5'4" or less then they would fit just fine, but other than that they are not ideal.

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