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Thread: Diaper Dreams: The Good, The Bad, and the OH GOD, THAT'S UGLY!!!

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    Default Diaper Dreams: The Good, The Bad, and the OH GOD, THAT'S UGLY!!!

    We've all discussed pleasant diaper dreams here before, and though this thread partially acts as a place to discuss these, it also serves to talk about diaper dreams that were not so good. I'll start. I have had thousands of dreams in which I was caught, but I've had a couple of other bad ones as well. For one, I had a recent dream in which I was in my English class at school, but it was being held at a seedy old mansion (It was a dream, OK?) where we were having a party. For some reason, everybody but me was in Pampers. And (I don't really want to go into detail) I was forced into diapers, change and all, by my teacher, who is a middle-aged woman. In the dream, all I thought was how I would have gone on ADISC and made a thread called "I was forced into diapers... no, really". Yet when I woke up, I was utterly disgusted. It's a gross memory to me for some reason. I couldn't even look this teacher in the face the next day. Another dream I had was a bizarre porno-film-like dream about my elderly aunt and uncle in diapers (Do they wear them? Doubtful but possible.), featuring a messy change and everything. Yuck.

    So, without further ado, I will turn it over to you! Tell everyone the deeply-held secrets of your dreams, about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the diaper dream world!

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    I had a dream about me and 3 blonde girls all in oversized bambinos in a trailer park. :/

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    Every thing i do im diapered, and therefore every dream i have with me in it i am always diapered so ill just go with recent stuff i was thinking about.

    Good: I had a dream some time light night about crawling through a colorful rainforest (ironically with soft dry cozey grass flooring) and i was exploring as my babyfur self, but my tails stangged on some bamboo. I looked back to check curiously and the bamboo had pandas in it! I got so scared i fell on my bum... bad: and my body started hurting alot/and i ended up going potty. Good: the pandas didnt care and we played together awhile. Bad: my diaper got uncomfy. ugly: i woak up shortly after when i was crawling home and awoke to a heavily soiled diaper to my dismay and had to buzz the nurses lol...

    Pretty silly but it was a much better dream then some of the past copal days where its been scary stuff about surgeries going bad.

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    Once I had a dream where I was in my old primary school (I'm in secondary school so it was a real creepy memory), I was in assembly and instructed to come up the front to get a certificate, I was suddenly wearing nothing but a diaper and the whole lot was laughing. IT FELT SOOOOOOOOOO REAL! it was by far the worst nightmare I have ever had, except for that one time i dreamt that I was on the edge of a cliff, I jumped off and died. Then I woke up discovering I had had a rather.... Embarrassing accident in my pjs (this was when I was like 4 or 5).'

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    I'm always always diapered so my nightmares are of when I am NOT dapered.

    One in particulare is me inside a haunted house and not diapered. A ghostface pops up in this window screaming at me and I piss onto the floor through my shorts. And everyone there starts laughing at me for being a baby and it's a scawwy dream.

    When I wake up after this frequently occuring nightmare, I find I've either wet myself or messed myself. Which is why I wear diapers to bed. Nightmares almost always result in an unintentional messing.

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    Actually most of my diaper dreams are not so pleasant. Most dreams I'm wearing and parents or friends drop by and I can't slip away to take it off to avoid getting caught with it. Usually I'm sleeping diapered when I have these dreams.

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    I had a rather less pleasant one a couple months ago...

    I was in my dads Jeep (big off-road rig) with my dad, we were driving to some unknown place out in the bush in the middle of the night. It was one of those dreams were your aware of whats going on yet nobody's told you and there are no other details. Apparently we were going to go shooting with some of my dads friends.

    We pulled up to this building (wide, 2 story building/lodge place), exited the Jeep and met a few of the guys. They seemed cool, we all stood around in a circle and drank beer for a little while. Then a few more people arrived and we went inside the building, except as I was walking toward the building I became aware of how I was lacking pants and my underwear wasn't underwear. I just kept going, trying to 'play it cool' (because that would totally work in this situation), then when no one was looking I went off into a hallway and found myself in an office. I could have taken the diaper off, but I had no pants. So I just sat there, and I could hear the guys partying on the main floor.

    That sucked, stuck in a diaper and no chance of joining the (extremely great sounding) party. And plus they were shooting crap now too, I wanted to shoot crap!

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    I've had both kinds of dreams. When I was younger I would dream that I was upstairs in my bedroom, which was a converted attic. I would go rummaging through a closet and find diapers and plastic pants. I would become so excited, but the dream would almost always end before I could get them on.

    The other type of dream, and these are more recent is that I'm standing around in company, and I suddenly realize I'm only wearing a diaper. I scramble to find some pants but of course I can't find any. Usually the dreams just fade before the ridicule starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oblivionxi1 View Post
    That sucked, stuck in a diaper and no chance of joining the (extremely great sounding) party. And plus they were shooting crap now too, I wanted to shoot crap!
    You boys and your guns, god your like my brother and my dad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiharu View Post
    You boys and your guns...
    You have no idea... LOL

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