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Thread: What was your most difficult class in college?

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    Default What was your most difficult class in college?

    I haven't been around much because of school, so I thought I'd take a quick break and ask a question that's been nagging my curiosity:

    So recently, I have been trying to decide on a manageable combination of classes for next semester. In the process, I though to myself "What class will be the most difficult overall? Which should I take first? How do I make these work together?" and "What do other people find the most difficult?", just to get an idea.

    For me, I'd have to say Organic Chem II Honors is going to be a kick in the balls. Lots of memorization, formulas, and application. Its apparently like learning a second language, and I am just starting Inorganic I. At the same time, I'm glad I don't have to take anything beyond Calculus, as I hate higher math. Truly, I won't use it, and it hurts my brain. I'm dumb at anything remotely engineering related. :p

    So, I'm curious to see which classes you guys found to be the most challenging in college? Was it chemistry, physics, biology, etc.?


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    Hmm, Ochem is no good, I'm kind of dreading Pchem, I had to go all through the calculus series, and three was the worst for me. Seriously, A- in calc 2, A- in calc 4, flat D in calc 3, so it's got to be calc 3 for me.
    Linear algebra is super easy, so that's a nice surprise after all that calculus.

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    I guess Web Developement, I'm taking a course in Computer Applications and WD is just loads of different code stacked all over the place

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    Rhetoric and Composition

    In the science area I only took Physics. Depends completely on how well you know yourself and abilities.

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    I have had endless trouble with my current English class - English 1B Honors, the second of two required English classes for transfer - and I normally have no problems whatsoever with English. This one is throwing me for a loop, and I'm not really sure why.

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    Calculus. I failed it the first time, and I barely passed the second time, only because I accidentally got the same professor.

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    i took a course on the history of diplomatic relations in central asia that was a total butt-kicker. it was way more interesting than it sounds -- there's been some wild stuff gone down in that part of the world -- but the workload was just ridiculous. in the space of a quarter i had to write three 10-page papers, lead 2 seminars, read 7 or 8 enormous books cover to cover, and then the term paper was supposed to be like 20 pages. that was on top of all the other work i had to do for my other classes. i got top scores on everything, but it was a brutal quarter.

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    I took a college-level course when I was with a government agency (taught by the agency's training division) called "Introduction to Satellites". I thought the course would be about different types of satellites, different functions, history, etc. Instead, it was an advanced physics course that talked about various orbits, launch criteria, computing an orbit, etc. It was really tough, but I passed!

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    High Frequency Module all about Transmission lines, filters and Maxwell Equations in the mix. Lots and lots and lots of maths. And It still makes little sense beyond I just learned from a lot of examples and managed to get a decent mark in the exams and the Filter Design coursework. Any RF engineers out there? You have my respects. I get the overall idea, but never ever ask me to make any type of radio. Mine will be like drawing stick men compared to your master art pieces!

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    Rf engineer posting right after you, that class was pretty difficult, but signal analysis takes the cake for me.... Fourier and laplace transforms are a horror show. One homework problem is about 3 hours of math and you always get more than one....

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