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Thread: Rite Aid Disposable Protective Underwear

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    Default Rite Aid Disposable Protective Underwear

    Rite Aid Disposable Protective Underwear

    Has anyone tried these or have a picture?

    I'm considering getting some in place of these goodnites that do not fit well. My reason for preferring these is that I know where they are in the store where I got the goodnites yesterday and it'll be a lot less stressful to get these from there for whatever reason. I don't plan on wearing them around or anything, mostly just in the privacy of my room at night, but not being super loud would be nice in case someone comes to talk with me and I have to walk a little. Absorbency isn't that big of a deal.


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    I liked them when I tried them. Its been a couple years since I last wore one so I dont know if they have changed any. But they definatley fit good, and are larger then goodnites so they should work fine for you. If my memory serves me well, they werent loud at all.

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    Thanks for the response, does anyone(or you) know/remember if they have frilly types of sides? (preferably not) I haven't found an pictures of these anywhere.

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