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    ok so heres the deal, im in australia and we have a very limited range of adult diapers, im underweight (last time i checked about 55) and small mens depends are just a little too big for me to wear, is there anything smaller like a kids diaper of a smaller adult diaper i could buy (i don't have access to online stores btw so it makes things a little difficult)

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    Well, post surgery im sitting at like a wopping 79 lbs after being weighed today along wih my 18-19 inch waist im feeling yea. My solution is for day wear i have been using Pampers Cruisers Size 7, however since we weigh a tad more then the intended user youll want a reliable booster pad, personally i use the Abri Let Normal booster from Abena However that would be an online buy. Your best bet is to do the following:

    1) Check if pampers cruisers size 7 is availible in your region,

    -- Keep in mind this is the demensions of a cruiser size 7) 19.9 inches length x 11.4 inches width x 8.7 inches

    Then I suggest looking into what adult incontinence suppliers and or pharmacies/medical local w/e suppliers you have and track down booster pads with dimensions that are suitable for them.

    Keep in mind you need to have the booster fit within the leg guards so be cautious.

    Aside from that you should be good to go, works great for me and holds up to my day time bladder/bowel incontinence with my IBS flare ups and its pretty cost effective i would imagine. Night time i use Bambino size smalls with a different type of booster but A: its a taddles big on me and if your 55 lbs yur in a world of oh noes and therefore you dont want that because your rather tiney for sure. and B its an online buy.

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    Chiharu he's here in Australia, we use the metric system so means 55 kilograms which is more than 110lbs so pampers size 7 might not cut it. So I recommend that you (jayjay) buy drynights because you fit into their weight range, either that or you find some small depends fitted briefs rather than depends for men (which are pull-ups) because they can be taped up small.

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    Hey jayjay, I actually sell a few ABDL related items on ebay Australia. Your best bet would be to buy a pack of Tena slip maxi in small size. They come in a 24 pk and would fit you perfectly. Some big pharmacies will stock them, but nearly all will order them in for you if they don't. If you'd like to sample some, let me know!

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