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Thread: Ok, here it goes..

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    Default Ok, here it goes..

    Iíve been a long time lurker, here and on other sites. Actually, I have never posted anything on any site about this side of my life. Iíve known that Iíve been interested in diapers/baby stuff since I was quite young, and I was surprised to find anything on the internet about [AB/DL stuff] way back in the mid 90ís (which is how long Iíve been lurking for).

    I guess Iím here posting because I think itís finally time to join in the community and contribute something to it Ė even if Iím not that comfortable with it, in case what I say can somehow be traced back to me.

    Iíve been married for close to 10 years now, she knew about my AB/DL side well before we became married (and is partly involved in it), she is also the only person who knows about that side of my life. We also have 4 kids (they are still very young). Because of the kids, we are very discrete about things.

    Weíre in BC, Canada Ė I work in telecommunications. Iím a fairly religious guy, (I go to church more often then I donít), and that will probably be the last time I mention that as I donít Ďpushí my religion on others. I skip a Curling team, love hiking, and one day plan to buy a farm, or at least many acres out in the country. (I prefer the country life to being in a city). Iím also finishing my B.Sc. at the local university (part time).

    I guess thatís it for now Ė Iím going to try and post something at least once a week (hopefully more) to prevent me from slipping back into my lurking ways.

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    Welcome to the site. As someone who knows very well the feeling you describe of concern about your information going where you don't want it, I think in the end it's largely groundless. For those of us who aren't billionaires, pop stars, or movie idols, we're just not worth the attention most of the time. I hope you'll see fit to interact more with the community. It's worth the effort, both in terms of what you can give us and what you'll receive in return. Hope to see you around

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