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Thread: one of the worst mistakes i ever made

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    Unhappy one of the worst mistakes i ever made

    well, i guess that the worst mistake of my life is now I'm addicted to Cigarettes
    now. that was pretty stupid of me to.

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    Well, there are ways to get off of them, just, it wont be easy, that's for sure. Good luck at stopping if you plan to.

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    There is only 1 way to get off them, that I can attest to, on your next smoke notice the time, wait at least 20 min, (or longer if you can) untill the next.

    Keep increasing the time in between cigs. you should be able to get off them in a few weeks or less, didn't work for me on the first try, had one cig and gave it another go.

    That was more years ago than I care to remember, and I still haven't had one since.

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    Been there done that. Twice! I quit at 24 then a girl got me started again at 36. After George Harrison went I quit again at age 40. Tips, avoid Marlborough products as they boost the nicotine. Smoke a brand you don’t like. Every time you go to light one up convince yourself to “skip this one” and wait till the next one to light up. After a time you’ll get down to 4 or 5 a day. That’s cold turkey time.

    Good Luck!


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    I quit cold turkey. I went through a Spring, pollen and all, and couldn't stop coughing. I got mad at myself for smoking, so I crushed my pack of Marboro's, threw them away, and never looked back. I still have dreams, though, where I'm with friends and I'm smoking. How weird! Anyway, if you really want to quit, you will.

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    there's always something to do in place of it. just get creative. i don't know if its true, but it seems like people in mass smoke more than elsewhere.
    also, your mind has more power over your body. just believe you can do it and try relieving stress (or whatever reason why you smoke) in an alternative manner.

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    Well... the good thing is now there are more ways to quit than ever. There are even stop smoking hotlines so you can call in and talk to someone if you need help.

    Considering you are underage... I would seriously tell your parents. They might get angry at first... but they can help you quit.

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