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    I live in Connecticut, and am self-employed in the construction industry. Just turned 30. I would consider myself mildly sarcastic but very sharp. Above all I'm honest and extremely observent.

    I have been a DL as far back as I can remember. Before I discovered diapers, it was anything bulky. Not really into the AB side of things, but would experiment under the right circumstances.

    I enjoy working out and staying in shape. Online poker, and other video games. ANYTHING sports related. Open to suggestions and willing to try anything within reason at least once.

    I'm looking to chat with people, and share experiences, as well as read what others have posted.

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    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to ADISC

    You will find plenty of people to chat with and share experiences with here, and we chat about all manner of things outside of diapers as well. There's usually an interesting range of topics going on at any one time. If you want to chat about some of your other interests with like-minded people then you might like to check out the groups, I haven't looked but I'm sure there are lots of sports related ones!: Groups -

    Do you play a lot of sports, or are you more of a spectator? Whilst you say you like anything sports related, do you have a particular favourite? Personally the only sport I really partake in is cycling, and I found (well, my sister found) my bike in a skip so I wouldn't say I really take an interest in it past doing it! I used to play team sports at school, but I was a bit of an anti-authoritarian type at school and of course sports are usually all about following rules and so I used to abstain from joining in as much as possible as a sort of teenage protest at being made to actually do something! Plus I was naturally bad at anything that involved any form of speed or co-ordination, which didn't exactly motivate me either!

    Anyway, welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy it here. I look forward to hearing more from you

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