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    Default Hi

    Hello everyone!!!

    My name is Lillian, I like to be called Lily :3

    I'm a Diaperlover...

    I'm here 'cause this site has a good collection of stories

    I like: Music, Animals, Vintage, Read, Draw, Cherries, Rain, Paramore, 11:11, Purple... etc.


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    Hi Lily

    Welcome to Adisc!

    Always great to have someone else who likes stories join the website, I think we have quite a good collection of writers amongst us and there are certainly lots of good stories on here. Do you ever have a go at writing your own stories?

    I love animals as well What are your favourite animals, and do you own any pets? My favourite favourite favourite animal is of course the wonderful cat, and I have one of my own (the cat in my avatar) and she's just over a year old. I've also owned loads of dwarf hamsters in the past - I really like them as pets and when I was a child my family bred them and the babies were really cute (once they got past the wrinkly pink furless stage) but they don't mix well with having a cat! I've had hamsters and guinea pigs in the past too - when I feel a bit more grown-up and have settled down a bit I will probably get myself a pair of rabbits. My favourite non-pet animal is probably red pandas, they are just so adorable. I also like otters, chimpanzees, orang-outangs and most kinds of monkey. But really I like any animals, particularly baby ones! You should check out this website, it's full of pictures of cute baby animals: ZooBorns So cute

    You also say you like music, what kind of music do you like? Oh, and sorry if this is a really dumb or obvious question, but what's 11:11?

    Anyway, welcome to the website - hope you enjoy it here and I look forward to hearing more from you

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    Hiya! Welcome to ADISC! Yeah, this is has a whole bunch of good stories, which is what got me partly interesting to this site.

    I like music too. What genre or bands do you listen too? I like Three Days Grace, Evanescence, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamen, Skillet, and more. Genre Rock, Pop, Hard Rock, Metal.

    What things do you draw, anime, people, animals etc? I draw anime.

    I love cherries!

    Paramore is a good band.

    Glad to have you here and hope you enjoy your stay!


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    Welcome to Adisc Lily, Hope you enjoy your time

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