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    In my experience baby diapers have strechy tabs but adult diapers don't have any strech to their tabs. I havn't tried many adult diapers but everyone that I have tried doesn't have any strech.

    Are there any adult diapers out there that have strechy sides which hold the tabs, or is that only a feature on baby diapers? And does anyone know why this is true?

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    I imagine that adult diapers are assumed to be fittable depending on where you fashion the tabs and that baby diapers are given more of a comfort build given that they have to support less weight at minimum and maximum capacity.

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    I haven't tried them, but I think the Bambino Teddies were designed with stretchy tabs.

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    I wear Seni diapers from Poland. They have stretchy tabs and can take multiple wettings and only cost $10 for a pack of 10 (max absorbency)

    Problem is they're cloth backed but I don't mind.

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    Originally, the Medium Bambino Teddies gad stretchy tapes, but when they are available again, they will only have the normal Bambino tapes like the large Teddies do already.

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    The first round of teddy bambinos did have stretching tabs and while it was an interesting idea and I didn't have as much trouble with them as some people did, I can't really count myself as a fan. They weren't sufficiently robust compared to the standard kind and whatever benefit was gained from stretching was lost compared to that. Maybe they can keep fiddling around with it but I'd rather not have to pay for their R&D to that extent. Let the customers try it when it has the bugs better worked out.

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    Molicares have stretchy tapes (At least the Supers do). I really dislike stretchy tapes since they always effing break on me. I like my diapers really tight.

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