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    Just wondering. Does anyone remember all the way back to before they were potty trained? I have three distinct memories: In the first, I was being changed by my aunt and uncle, while sitting on my head on the couch, upside down. In another, I was going to my bedroom with mommy to get a diaper on after Bathtime. In the last one, I simply remember my crib from before I was 2 years old.

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    Nope, I don't have any memories of still being in nappies. I was potty-trained (day and night) by about 18 months old and my earliest memories are from being about 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBLeslie View Post
    Just wondering. Does anyone remember all the way back to before they were potty trained?
    I can remember several incidents from back then. One I remember whoever it was changing my diaper getting real excited when I chose to pee after the diaper was opened up. (and for "some reason" I stopped getting to do that? aww ruin my fun!)

    I can also remember more than once being in my crib and managing to get my hands on the baby powder. I knew how to twist it open, and I figured out that if I jumped up and down on the crib like a trampoline, and shook the powder container just as I got to the top of my jump, and squeezed, a giant cloud would come out. (because I was shaking the powder to the top of the container, but I didn't realize that at the time) What fun! My mom says I managed to COMPLETELY coat everything in my room with baby powder on numerous occasions, people kept leaving the powder within my reach. Apparently that's real hard to clean up and finishes new vacuum cleaner bags almost immediately..

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    I only remember some vague fragments from that time but nothing really specific. I remember that for a long time I was trained for #1 but simply refused to go #2 on the toilet and would ask my mom for a diaper whenever I had to go #2. I had this corner in which I'd stand and let it go, I think I was just so used to that that I didn't want that to change or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjess View Post
    Nope, I don't have any memories of still being in nappies. I was potty-trained (day and night) by about 18 months old and my earliest memories are from being about 2.
    Wow! Your totally one of those super toddlers. I mean, scratching out my health complecations just naturally growing up I was three years old before potty training in the day time was completed, *gulps* and shh dont tell anyone lol but it was padded nights all the way up until I was 6(in which health issues come in) So... in retrospect I suppose I always had issues.

    Most of my early memories involving padding was pretty much the same. NAP TIME! "Owww.." *runs to stairs* And mom or dad would be waiting with the pullup in there hands and i would do the usual strip rutine and slide it on. Then it was Zoom up the stairs and off to bed(Repeat process with pjs/brush teeth for bed time). Actually, they also made me wear one during any kind of car trip over 20 minutes because I am one of those weird car sleeping people... every time im in a car it like coos me to sleep its weird.

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    I have a very vague memory of being changed when I was probably 2. I have a couple of other vague memories from that age, but I'm not entirely sure how many of those memories were things that actually happened when I was 2 and dreams I had around that time.

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    I can rember getting my diapers changed several times (me and bro Greg both wore cloth and plastic pants) and when I was in training pants, being taken to the bath room by my mom and her pulling them down and being made to sit on the potty. Think it was like 2 or 3 until I got out of day diapers. And then bed wetting accidents--lots of them. I was like 10 until I got out of night diapers. And like 13 or 14 until she finally took the rubber sheets off of my bed.

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    I also remember being changed several times. Also remember wetting and messing them as well.

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    According to my family, I was completely toilet trained by 33 months, so I have no memory of that.

    Like Mom, Granny, Aunt Betsy and all of my sisters, my bladder is small and was over active. So, Mom asked us very nicely to wear "just-in-case" diapers for trips and special events. My first vivid memory is Memorial Day Sunday of 1968. My extended family was at Renaissance Pleasure Faire. I was dressed as a Faire Urchin in a green shift. Mom put me on my back directly on the grass of the central lawn. As she was changing my soaked diaper the actress playing the Queen looked down, smiled and said she was pleased. That afternoon Mom led my older sister Penny, then almost 9, by her hand back to our tent so Penny's diaper could be changed. One of the things that helped me feel okay wearing diapers on trips was that Penny also wet her diaper.

    I reverted to bedwetting at puberty, at which time I was taught to change my own gauze diapers. Being changed in ladies rooms became routine, so all that is kind of a blur.

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    Weird thing for me was when I was young I HATED being in them for some reason, can't remember why, but now it's drastically changed.

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