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Thread: Can't have cake and eat it too :(

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    Every time I try to sleep in a wet diaper, my sheets get soaked! This happens every time...I really don't think it's my diapering technique, or if it is I just can't figure out how else to go about it. I use Bambino's or Cushies usually with a stuffer. I'd do anything to get that wet diaper-dry bed feeling but have only managed that like once or twice. Any advice?

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    Maybe your diaper is too wet. When I first started getting used to wearing diapers I found that I could be in bed wearing a wet diaper and it would hold up fine with no leaks, but then on getting up and changing from lying in bed to sitting at my computer desk the diaper would start leaking, even though I hadn't wet it again and it had been fine all night. I worked out this was because when sitting down i was putting pressure on the wet padding which was squeezing the wetness out. So it could be that the way you lie in bed puts pressure on the soaked padding of the diaper and squeezes the wetness out. If your diaper is completely soaked then I wouldn't recommend sleeping in it, as you move about and lean on parts of the padding then it will likely squeeze some of the wetness out. If you go to bed in a wet diaper make sure it is only slightly wet, if you want to enjoy the feel of a very soaked diaper drink a glass of water before bed so that you can wet it in the morning and enjoy the feeling of a soaked diaper then when you are awake and more able to control the likelihood of leaks.

    If your diaper is only a little wet when you're going to bed then maybe the issue is how you're taping them up. I have never used Cushies, but from what I've heard because of only having one tape it is harder to get a safe and secure fit. So they might be causing more leaks. Make sure you are buying the correct size diapers - if a diaper is too big or small it is more likely to leak. Make sure you tape it up tightly, particularly the bottom tapes around the legs. You don't want to have big gaps around the legs as this is an area where wetness can easily leak out. If you move around a lot in bed it may help to wear a pair of underpants over the diaper to help hold it in place. Also, when you put on the nappy make sure the leg-guards (the two sort of frilly elastic strips in the nappy) are standing/pulled up as these will work to stop liquid leaking out before it is absorbed by the nappy.

    The problem could also be with the stuffer you are using. If you are using a booster pad designed to go inside adult diapers (such as the Bambino booster pads) then they shouldn't be causing a problem, but if you are using a baby diaper then it could be the stuffer. Make sure if you use a smaller diaper placed like a pad atop your main diaper that you have made slits in the smaller diaper for the wetness to travel into the main diaper - the more slits the easier it will be for liquid to get from one diaper to the next. If you are using a baby diaper that swells a lot then placed inside the diaper like a pad this can be a problem, as it swells and gets bigger it can push your main diaper away from your body and cause gaps around the legs. If you are using baby diapers then it is worth the extra time and effort it takes to put the baby diaper actually inside the padding of the adult diaper as that will ensure a better fit and also minimise leaks from the baby diaper squeezing out of the leg holes. There is a youtube video made by DannyTheNinja, who was a member here, that will show you how to do that: YouTube - How to stuff a generic adult diaper (I know there was an original and more detailed guide made by Pamperchu as well, but I couldn't find it in his youtube videos.)

    If that still doesn't work then you might like to invest in a pair of good quality plastic pants, as they will hopefully contain the wetness and stop it from wetting your sheets.

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    also make sure the front or back top of the diaper isn't folding over. If the padding inside is wet, and say the front folds over, the padding will be facing out at the very top. If that comes into contact with sheets, and it's wet, it'll wick over to the sheets.

    Sometimes I put a little scotch tape above the top tapes on my diapers, right near the top edges, to prevent folding. I have a small bit of a pot belly so it tends to happen, especially if I wear a diaper that's a bit large on me that rides higher.

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